Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016 Was Awesome, Here Is 2017 - A Thank You To My Readers

This year I didn't do any new years resolutions because I have come to learn that I like myself for who I am and if others don't like me then they know where the door is. That and of course the fact that I have bipolar and I lose interest in everything after 5 minutes! I just cannot stick to anything - the fact that I still have a blog after 4 years actually amazes me (although you may see gaps of weeks where I just lose the will to live and it gets neglected hahaha).

My blog has now become my fifth child and I nurture it and help it to grow as I would any of my children.It is my outlet when I am down and although I might write posts on here that I don't publish it is my little saviour. Who would have thought that a blog could do that for you? 

Everyday I wonder if having a blog is a good thing, whether I am keeping Tilly safe by sharing her with the world. I wonder if anyone could track her down and things could go the same way as they did with her sister (she was groomed online by a paedophile, please see this post). But the truth of the fact is that I had so much support from the blogging community as well as my readers when that all happened and without the blog and the support, I really don't think we could have got through 2016. So I suppose this is a little bit of a post to thank all of my readers for your support over the last year and every comment that has been left or every person that has written an email and said ''This has happened to my child'' has helped me to move on. 

One I remember really well is when Tilly had her diagnosis for Dyslexia and It did crush me for a little bit, knowing that she is going to struggle for the rest of her life with reading and writing. But one of my readers wrote the most amazing post on my Facebook page, it contained words of wisdom and encouragement. Words that I needed to hear just at that time, I don't know if the lady ever knew that but I thank her.

My readers have been so lovely and wonderful and I really believe that having a blog has helped make 2016 easier to live with and helped me to rebuild my life. Without the support we wouldn't have got through the year. My blog has given me confidence and seen me grow again as a person. When I started the blog in 2013, I wouldn't tell anyone for about six months, the only people who knew were my kids and my boss. Partly because I know I have the attention span of a flea, and I never thought in a million years it would still be going at the end of that year, let alone 4 years later. But also I was embarrassed that I had gone into the unknown and didn't know what I was doing - I kind of stumbled through my first couple of years. 

I even took Kimmy to a blogging conference with me in Manchester last year and she absolutely loved it, she had wanted to play more of a part in the blog and was there to learn a bit more about the running of a blog, but instead she now has her own blog called Me, My Life and The Tardis (yes she is a DR Who geek) and it is lovely to see her confidence grow both online and off. In time I am hoping she will find the confidence to write about her feelings too. 

Thank you to everyone who has read the blog over the past few years and continues to read now, i am hoping to see it grow this year too. So here is 2017 and hopefully an awesome year like it was last year. 

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