Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Back To School And Having To Let Tilly Go

So here we are! its 7.30am and i am supposed to be getting Tilly up and ready for school. Normally I am relieved to get her back to school after a holiday break because childcare is a nightmare when your a single working parent  working parent. We all try to do the best for our kids and if I didn't work, then we would be living off benefits and my sanity would be the first to go. Can you imagine me at home full time? joining the PTA, baking cookies and having coffee mornings? NOPE neither can I.

It is now 2017, I am just about to wake Tilly up, but for the first time in forever, I actually am not ready for her to go back to school. It has been such a short break for her. The school finished on the 21st December, right before Christmas, but she finished on the 19th because she had a chest infection and then I had a chest infection and water infection. This led to time off school and work for us to recover. Then it was Christmas, then that awful time in between Christmas when you never know the day. Then before we knew it - New Year was here.

This is the first school holiday that I have found easy and able to cope with. Maybe its the fabulous friends that I have, the ones that give up their time to look after Tilly so I can hold down my job. The ones who I am so grateful to for giving up their own time to look after my child. Maybe its because the school break seemed to be over so quick. But In a strange way I suppose that I feel cheated of my challenge, cheated of a struggle. It feels like I am not ready to send her back to school. Maybe its because she is such a funny little person and we can hold a proper conversation now together. She is so cheeky, the house is going to be so quiet today after the two weeks that she has had off.

Maybe I am finding my whole maternal thing again, when the older kids were little I was the whole PTA mum, who baked almond slices with her farmers wife friend. I was a stereotypical mum, Now people look at me and say ''You have a six year old?'' hahaha.

What ever it is, I wish Tilly all the best as she starts 2017 off with the return to school. It is 07.49 and I know that it will take me exactly 10 minutes to get her out of bed and fight with her to get her uniform on. There will be shouting at her to hurry up, reminding her of the time every 50 seconds, I will be fighting for her to eat breakfast and ending up with threats of the walk of shame (that moment that you get yo school, seconds after 9am and you have to go to the office to sign in, then you have to give an excuse for being late, whilst your child tries to sneak into the classroom late). But as soon as I drop her at the school gates, I will miss her like Hell today

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