Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Creating Mermaid Hair On A Child

Yesterday we posted about the shock way we were treated when Tilly had her hair coloured mermaid colour. All kids like to experiment with hair colour and they are always spraying their hair. So this is us creating Tillys hair with a blue and a coral colour spray. Mermaid hair is all the rage at the moment and I think it is fantastic that people are able to express them self with this method. Obviously Tilly is only a few weeks off her 7th birthday so I didn't want to put anything permanent on her hair.

We used some spray cans, and brushed her hair through before sectioning it off, then we sectioned it even more and alternated the colours.

Next we took more sections down and again we alternated the smaller sections with the two colours. soon we were getting the affect that we wanted. We used two sprays and we made sure the colour was not only sprayed on the top of the hair strands but also underneath.

When it was all sprayed we brushed it through and she was thrilled with the finished look. The sprays washed out on the next hair wash day. I think to be kinder to her hair and to make hair washing day easier next time, we would look at using pastels or chalks on her hair. You can get chalk sprays which would make this effect very easy to do.

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  1. We've got some chalks ready for half term. It says on the packaging that they stay in longer if they get wet so I'm hoping it doesn't rain and they are out before school starts


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