Monday, 30 January 2017

Gel-A-Peel Neon Kit Review #DesignADiary

I was asked to review Gel A Peel a few months ago and I looked at it and thought Tilly was too young, it looked to complicated for her and too messy. Sometimes though your first impressions can be wrong - mine were very very wrong!

We were asked to complete in a challenge to design a diary for the new year. Being a blogger, I always need diaries. But it would seem Tilly just NEEDED Gel A Peel too. So the Gel A Peel Neon Kit arrived and I sat her down and tried to show her how to do it. Turns out that although it is from 8 years+ , Tilly was able to use it without much input from me. Before she designed her Diary, We had a practice on the clear plastic sheet that comes with the set and used the patterns that you place under the plastic sheet. 

The tubes come sealed and you choose your nozzle to go on the end, I suppose the best way to describe the nozzles is like icing nozzles, they are different sizes and shapes. They simply screw on to the tube and you squeeze the tubes to get the gel moving. The patterns are easy to follow and they gel is surprisingly clean and tidy to use, it isn't runny and it lays on the plastic really well. If your child gets distracted and walks about with the gel, it isn't going to fall out of the tube, because of the consistency. The gel took about an hour to dry, and that was on a cold day. So it meant Tillys jewellery was ready to wear that afternoon. When you're a kid, sometimes waiting for stuff to dry is like waiting forever! When it is dry, it just peels of easily form the plastic sheet, no mess!

Whilst her jewellery was drying I handed her the diary and she designed her picture as she went on. Tilly has never been one for art, so when she does draw, I tend to make a big thing of it and I keep all of her pictures, so having her do a personalised book like this was special. You don't have to do it on a diary, you could get your child to personalise any book as a special gift for a friend or family member. Again the gel didn't take long to dry and by the time she had finished it, she decided that she was going to give the finished diary to her sister. 

The Gel A Peel set comes with 

3 neon colours and the gel goes a long way. 
3 double sided patterns
5 different size nozzles
A plastic knife to clean your sheet
Jewellery parts to turn your creations in to pieces to wear
It also comes with full instructions. 

What did we think?

We had trouble getting it out of the box, because it was sealed so well, so we ended up ripping the box, so you may find that you need to find another pot to put your bits in when you have finished. There was a huge choice of patterns to make, and each one was so different. The Gels peel off so easily once they have dried, please don't be tempted to rush it like we did the first one and it broke as we lifted it - much to Tilly's horror. I suddenly became the villain for breaking her bracelet. Make sure your gel is thick enough when you are making a piece of jewellery, other wise it will snap. You will love doing this and have so much fun. Overall we were impressed with the kit and we will recommend it as a fab birthday gift for friends as it is only £14.99. You can buy the Gel A peel Neon Kit from Toys R Us and pop over to for the latest tips and ideas on making your own Gel A Peel creations. If you have any questions just pop the in the comments

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