Thursday, 12 January 2017

How to beat blogger’s block

Thanks to Emma for guest posting with us today, sometimes bloggers do find it hard to find new subjects to write about. But Emma has a few tips for you, you can find her at all these different places

Being a blogger is both very rewarding and also very challenging. Often I am faced with “blogger block” where I just cannot sit down to write a blog post...and sometimes I can’t even face anything blog related. Whilst it can be disheartening to anyone who blogs as a hobby, for those of us relying on an income from our blogs, it can be really tough. Here are some of the things I do to beat blogger’s block. 

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Find writing inspiration

If your blogger’s block is due to a lack of ideas or inspiration, then forcing myself to write anything at all usually helps. I find writing inspiration from looking at Pinterest and Ubersuggests. I even try to write something completely different to a blog post - maybe a poem or a short story. They might never be good enough to publish, but it gives me a break from my usual writing. 

Work on something that isn’t writing

Often by biggest challenge with blogger’s block is writing. Blogging comes with a whole host of related activities that aren’t writing related. When I just cannot face writing anything for my blog I look to see what other blogging related tasks I can do. It could be anything from scheduling social media posts (although sometimes even that is too much writing) to checking for broken links. This helps me to feel productive and less guilty about being unable to write.

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Read blogs

Whether it is blogs I keep up with regularly, or browsing Pinterest for new blogs, reading other people’s blogs always helps me when I am facing blogger block. I love to see what my fellow bloggers are up to, and I often get inspired to plan things for my own blog, or even to get writing straight away. Reading something out of the ordinary helps to spark your creativity. It can also be really useful to read your old blog posts. I have been writing my online income reports since October 2015, so when I find myself in a rut I go back and read them. Not only can I see an improvement in my blog earnings, I can also see what happened that month. 

Come up with a plan

Sometimes it is important to embrace blogger block and use this time to come up with a plan. You could plan your social media strategy, your content for the next month or your next YouTube video. Coming up with a plan helps you to feel in control of your blog whilst still accepting that you have blogger block and writing just isn’t happening. 

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get away from blogger block. During these times just doing anything from your blog can feel daunting, and if you feel like this then it is okay! Remember to be kind to yourself during this time and make sure that you dose up on self-care. I often find that if I give myself some time away from anything blogging related, guilt free, I am itching to get back to it.

What are some of the things you do to beat blogger’s block?

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