Monday, 16 January 2017

Looking For Services Through Bidvine

Have you ever thought to yourself that you need to get a job done around the home or you want something special done for your family? Then you have to phone around to get the best quote. Time consuming isn't it? I think thats what puts me off doing anything, so much research needs doing before you even get the quote.

That was until I discovered Bidvine! now I just search for what I am looking for, in my case it is a photographer quote for Tilly's birthday party. So I searched for Kent Photographers and then it asks for some more information. You pop in the information about how many kids there are, how long the party is and even if you want indoor or out door shots done. So you really tailor make this quote to your specifications and it is so easy to do. Once they have taken your details of what you are looking for, Bidvine then send you an email confirming your request and tells you that you will get quotes within the next few days. But in reality, the quotes started coming in within a few hours of me placing my request.

When the quotes came through, I received them as emails as well as messages in my inbox on the Bidvine website. The messages come through with star ratings that previous happy customers from Bidvine have left. The pitches from the photographers were clear as to what was included in the price and they were polite with the pitches too. There was no pressure to choose them over anyone else.

You click on the view bid button and then it gives you the price that they will do the job for you. It really takes the hassle out of finding someone yourself and getting the quotes. Bidvine is free to use and it works fast too, so if you're in a rush, you can tell them that you need something quick. I used Bidvine on my phone as I could download the app and apply for photographers, whilst I was on the bus to work. 

Would I use Bidvine again to look for someone to work for me? Yes I would you can search for so many services on the website. 

**This post is a collaboration with Bidvine 

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