Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My 20 Wishes for 2017

My 5 Family Wishes

That Tilly's eyesight keeps improving and she doesn't need glasses by the end of the year, if a child's eyesight can be fixed by the time they are 8 years old, then there is a chance that she won't need glasses any more. Her last appointment in November saw a huge improvement.

That Beth finds the energy and strength to come home after Nathan Green ruined her life for her. That she finds the strength and compassion in her heart to be part of our life again. We will never understand why he has such a hold over her, but one day we will get her back.

That Zach carries on with his new life in Rotterdam, The new season is coming up for golfing and he will soon have a summer job again. I hope he sorts his debts out that he left me with (over £2K) because then it will be a sign of him growing up finally.

That Kim carries on enjoying her new blog and uses it as an outlet for her feelings as well as her crafts and other writing. It is her online diary and it is her personal little corner of the internet. Next thing is to work at getting her self hosted, it is easy to do and you can get a monthly package for a really good price from A2 Hosting. I also hope she gets through this year without breaking her arm ..... again!

That all my children continue to grow and find their place in the world, That they know I am always here for them for the crap times as well as the good times. That they remember that I was young once and I probably got into the trouble that they have gotten in to. That they know my door is always open for them - but they are not moving back in! hahaha

My 5 Blog Wishes

For my blog to monetise more, I work on my blog and can earn as much as my other paid job for Superdrug, but the money isn't regular and I need to look into monetising more. I need a regular amount coming in, so I can give up in Superdrug and work from home permanently.

To write regular content, Sometimes I get writer's block and then I don't write for a week or two. I like to write every day as it clears my head of stuff that it floating about in there.

To get my social media working more for me. Sometimes I forget to use my social media and it gets neglected. I really need to use it more to my potential and get my blog out there more by using it to my advantage.

To look at rebranding, all though I am and always will be Tillys Mummy, I need to face the fact that she is nearly 7 years old and that before we know it, I will need a more grown-up name on the blog. Re-branding seems such a big thing to do and it scares me a little bit, but I am sure it will work out for the good.

For my content to be interesting, something that people relate to or something that will help people in their moment of need. Sometimes when I write, I worry about what I have written but then people tell me that they have found it interesting or useful and I kind of get a little kick from that.

My 5 Personal Wishes

To take Tilly to Turkey, I really want to take her to Antalya, but I used most of the money that I had saved up to pay for a Christmas that turned out to be a disastrous day. i tried so hard to make it special, but someone decided to come in and spoil it all. But we learn from our mistakes and now I am starting from scratch with the savings. - wish me luck

To see my kids happy, because happy kids mean a happy mum.

To get somewhere in work, sometimes I feel like I am not getting anywhere. As much as i love working there, I feel like I am not challenged enough and I need to be challenged. I am a fragrance sales adviser at the moment and I love selling fragrance, but I am up for something new I think.

Travel is going to be a big thing this year, it is going to be one of my top aims for the year, Tilly enjoyed travelling Europe so much last year that I want to take her to explore new places again. There is no better education than to travel.

To just carry on being who I am, I don't do new year resolutions because I don't see why I should change for other people. I like who I am and I am going to stay like this. Yeah, maybe I need to lose a lb or 90 but I like me! besides I can't commit to changing myself because I get bored after a week and forget any resolutions that I have made!

My 5 Hopes and Wishes for The Year

I hope to get myself sorted out so that I can actually afford Christmas this year - but I don't hold out much hope for this as I say it every year and then all of a sudden in November I am like ''Christmas is here? Where did that come from? Its really been a year since last Christmas?'' #ChristmasFailEveryYear. I always say that I will do the love to shop scheme but never remember to start it.

I hope that this year proves to be as good as last year, We had an awesome 2016 and I think it will be hard to beat.

I wish for the world to be a safe place, I know it will never happen but with the threat of terrorism everywhere, It makes it a scary place to live sometimes.

I wish to be able to have more money left in my pocket by the end of the week, I am sick of living hand to mouth, of struggling on a daily basis. I am fed up of telling Tilly that we can't afford treats because I have had bills to pay. Is it me or was last year extremely difficult financially?

Finally, I wish all the best to all of my readers and friends/family. May 2017 bring you all joy and happiness that you all so much deserve. I wish you all find your way home if you are lost and know that there are people that love you. You are never alone and there is always someone to listen to you. All the best for the new year.

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