Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Reality Of Internet Dating

When I was about 34 I started playing about with internet dating and it is how I met Tillys dad. He was a lovely bloke and I fell in love instantly, we had an on/off relationship for about 5 year and I got pregnant with Tilly – but my fairy story soon turned into something from a Stephen King novel! My relationship ended and I swore that I would never use the internet to date again, But I also say that I am never going to drink again – and I always do!
So here I was last summer when I hit on the idea of trying to see how easy it was to internet date after 40 and I set up an account on Plenty of Fish. The fact that I have an account on there actually makes me cringe! But I made myself known to be online and sat and waited for the messages to come in.

It wasn’t long before men saw a new woman on line and I got some messages, I will be honest and say some where a bit boring and consisted of ‘Hi’ So I replied and I would get a one word reply back. I know it is hard for some people to talk to others even behind an internet screen – but come on guys! Put some effort in to your messages!

One bloke was local to me and he realised we lived in the same town, within a few minutes of chatting to me he was offering to come round my house with ‘’a four pack of beer’’ – he certainly wasnt a keeper! Another bloke asked me what my favourite sexual position was because it was important that we matched up in bed as well as in real life. Needless to say, I never replied to him. I am really not sure which part of ‘’I am 44 and looking to settle down’’ they don’t understand!

A friend of mine used POF when her marriage fell apart, she had little confidence and she went on a few dates but nothing came from it. Then she met ''Neil'' and she seemed to fall in love with him, he made her smile again and she had a bounce in her step. That was until we realised that he was still using POF whilst they were dating and even messaging other women. It seemed that the feelings were not mutual and he would say things like he was going to bed, yet would be all over girls Facebook pages and was using his WhatsApp to message girls. He was even arranging dates with other women when they were in bed together! He turned out to be such a sleaze bag and now she has met someone else, not through a dating website and has never been happier. 

Of course internet dating does work for some people, it worked for me once and I got a child out of it, but if you are going to look for internet dating, then use a pay website. At least that way, it is more likely that the men are after a proper relationship because they are paying for the chance to meet you.

How have you got on with internet dating?

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