Saturday, 18 February 2017

An Open Letter To Tiffany And Co

Dear Tiffany and Co,

We love your stores world wide and in the past I have been in a few of your stores, like Zurich, London and New York. My older girls loved to go in there with their saved up money and buy some jewellery. Over the years, my financial situation changed and I could no longer afford to shop in there.
Roll on a few years and I was shopping in Westfield, Shepherds Bush on Monday with my youngest daughter who is 6 years old. It was the end of the day and we were leaving the shopping centre, We had been toy shopping and spent the afternoon in Kidzania. Tilly was grubby, I was worn out with having to carry little miss Tillys shopping and I had really had enough of shopping. I  looked like I had been dragged through a bush and our hair was in need of a hair brush.

That was the moment that my daughter decided to enter your store, I was horrified to say the least! We were a mess, but not one member of staff looked down at us. Not one member of staff looked down at me with my ripped coat, that had the hem hanging down. We were welcomed in to your store with a smile and warm greeting. I think it was obvious that I couldn't afford to shop there, yet a member of your staff still took time to show Tilly around the store so she could look at the jewellery. She explained to Tilly about the stones that were in the beautiful pieces and joked with her about getting her boyfriend to buy her jewellery from there when she is a grown up. I asked to look at the 'more affordable' jewellery to show Tilly what she could save up for but alas, she wasn't interested - I think my daughter has expensive taste and wanted diamonds.

That afternoon visit to your store was such a lovely experience, the staff didn't judge us for looking a mess, they didn't judge us because we obviously had no money. The staff treated us as an equal. The staff made me feel that I was worthy of being in a nice store such as yours. All too often these days people are quick to judge others that they don't know, you have restored some faith in humanity and I thank you for that. The way you train your staff with the customer service is perfect, and they didn't judge us by how we looked.

From a mum of a daughter with expensive taste!

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