Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Dear Blogger Bully

Dear Blogger Bully,

Bully is a horrible word and I hate to use it, but that's what you are to me. The day I met you, we were at a bloggers event and we were chatting to each other. Then other bloggers turned up and you muttered 'If I knew they were coming, then I wouldn't have bothered to come'. A bit mean I thought but maybe there was some history that I didn't know about. I soon realised the other people you were talking about were members of your family! Wow, that was just harsh.

I spent the rest of the event trying to keep myself to myself, I often think its much better to do that. I had added you to Facebook, I suppose I kind of thought that I had misread the whole situation and I had got the situation wrong. But as the weeks and months went on, I noticed a pattern. Every time I had achieved something with my blog and I was proud about what I had done, I would share it on my personal Facebook page. No matter how big or little, I always feel like I have achieved something and I get a kick out of it - it boosts my confidence. But every time I wrote about an achievement, you would always add that you had done it already. But you hadn't just done it, you had done it twice as better, got paid twice as much. Anything to belittle me and my small achievements, that little bit of confidence it had given me was suddenly taken away again. I suffer from mental health problems anyway, which you are aware of and still you make pathetic attempts at belittling me.

It all came to a head when I was commenting on a Facebook page about something trivial and you tagged a friend, who wasn't a member of the group. This person soon got added to the group and started to be rude and sarcastic to me, you actually liked EVERY comment aimed at me and my opinions, yet you weren't big enough to say anything yourself. That is the way you work, you plant ideas in to peoples heads and you sit back and watch everything kick off. You don't even have the guts to do it yourself. I blocked you from that moment, I thought that would be the end of it.

How wrong could I have been? All I heard from then on was how I had blocked you and you had no idea why! How hard done by you were because you had been blocked. I decided to block you on all social media platforms, the best thing to do with a bully is to walk away and not lash out. Every time I commented on Facebook pages and you could see half the comments missing, you would make a fuss again about being blocked. To be honest you actually made it hard work to block you, I thought 'Bloody Hell, really? She is still going on about being blocked?'

Recently I unblocked you on Facebook because you became an admin for a group, I kind of figured I would miss important notices in the group and it was respectful to the admin to not have you blocked. BUT then you decided to join another group that I was in and it was a group to help grow Instagram. As soon as you joined I had a message from the group owners asking me to unblock you on Instagram. They never mentioned names, but I knew who it was. You had gone to the group, complained that you were blocked on my Instagram as if it had been done recently. I had to tell the admin you had been blocked for about 18 months, so being blocked was nothing new! I really could not believe that you had sunk this low to try to get me removed from a group that you had just joined and I had been using regularly for months. Its like you have to kick me every time I am down, I get up again and gain my confidence again, for you to try and kick me again. The thing is that you could have come to me and asked me to unblock you on Instagram. But to be honest, I forgot you were blocked on there, I guess its a case of out of sight, out of mind! It wouldn't have taken much for you to reach out over the internet, you could have emailed or messaged on one of our many platforms. But instead you decided to create drama, you wanted to be the victim. I do feel so very sorry for you.

So Bully, You haven't won, you never will. I won't be manipulated or bullied online. Nobody should ever have to be bullied, or be the victim of someones manipulations. You are a grown up woman, for goodness sake! For now you are blocked from my life again. I am happy with that and I know you will be complaining to everyone that you're blocked, but I actually don't care. Whinge away love!


A stronger woman than you will ever be

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