Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Half Term Hygge With Plusnet

How is half term going? We had half term last week and it was a very busy one indeed! So much so that by Wednesday we just wanted to spend the day in bed watching movies - So you know what? that's what we did. We made it cosy and we had a lovely package from Plusnet to help us with our project.

We lucky had a random pole, don't ask me why I have a random metal pole in my house .... I have no idea. I guess I thought it would come in handy one day. We took a giant sheet and draped it over the head board. We already had Christmas lights wrapped around the head board, so that offered a cosy setting and made it a bit lighter in there.  The metal pole then helped to hold the sheet in place and gave us enough space to sit side by side and watch Harry Potter on Tillys Kindle. She has just discovered this movie, so we were ready for a full movie marathon on Wednesday.

Of course everybody needs snacks when they are watching a movie and we had some popping corn in our Hygge package and a hot chocolate treat. Hygge is a danish word and is pronounced “H-O-O-G-A”it is all about creating a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making everyday moments more meaningful. Basically its all about creating special memories for your kids. All too often we get caught up with being a working parent and the kids have to play second fiddle - especially if you work from home like I do. So sometime we need to take time out and play with our kids, rather than let them entertain themselves.

We loved spending a day in half term just being in bed, in our little tent and eating snacks whilst watching movies, I am the first to admit that I often forget to create special memories because life gets in the way. So because of this little half term Hygge experiment, we will be doing it more often. The Danes have the best ideas and they are very family orientated, we discovered this when we went to Copenhagen in the summer.

Have you tried Hygge? pop over to the Plusnet website for your own Hygee idea's. Loads of tips on how to build a fort like us and recipes for delicious danish butter biscuits.

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