Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How Do You Play Snatch? UPDATED

Have you heard the new must have app on your smart phone? If you like Pokemon then you will love Snatch! it works on the same idea as Pokemon, where you walk the streets and collect things. Instead of Pokemon, you are collecting parcels. These parcels contain prizes of gifts and cash as well as coins to enable you to carry on playing the game. The app is easy to download you can get it from Google app store or Apple app store.

Once it is downloaded you need to add your details, it is really easy to sign up and when you have signed up it will ask you for a referral code, this is where you add KERSQW.  When you have set it up and loaded up the map, you should be good to go. Now the game works on the same principle as Pokemon and you walk around collecting the parcels. You can collect 10 at any time and you have to keep hold of them for 6 hours before it reveals what you have won. You need to keep hold of these boxes and make sure nobody takes them.
The game is fun and it gives you a chance of winning prizes like flights, Fit bits, TV subscriptions, and up to £1000 cash.

How Do I keep Hold Of My Parcels?

If you have parcels, then you need to protect them from being snatched, to do this you make the use of the protection weapons that are on offer to you. if you are staying where you are for the next hour, you can use the 'hideout', this means that nobody can steal your parcel if you move within 200 metres. its perfect to use at night when you want to go to bed and your parcel needs protecting. I would suggest you don't go to bed and leave parcels though, there will always be people that wake up in the night and take your parcels. You really have to be on the ball. If you are out and about, you can use the 'invisibility glove', again this lasts an hour and means you can move about. If someone tries to take your parcel you can use the 'skedaddle' or 'dodge'. The Skedddle gives you 15 minutes of safety. If you have more than one parcel use the smoke as it makes you invisible. If you only have one parcel, then use the skedaddle as it's, its cheaper in the long run. If you use the dodge and someone is trying to snatch more than one parcel, then you will end up spending a lot of coins because you seem to need a dodge for each parcel. When you have had your parcels for the 6 hours, then you get to reveal them. Its easy to steal parcels too, you click on the yellow circle at the bottom of your map, this brings up a list of players that have boxes to tap one of the names and it starts snatching. The snatching process takes about 2 minutes, giving the other player time to defend, if you are successful in snatching, then snatch again as it means they have no coins to fight back or they took their eye off the ball.

How Do I Collect Boxes?
Personally, I collect them on the train to work, when you see a box you need to tap on it and it opens up a camera view, there is a target diamond in the middle of the screen and you need to tap on the parcel when it is in the diamond and this secures the box. The box then goes into your inventory, and you need to keep an eye on it. I usually do a mixture of snatching and collecting, then the snatched ones will finish before the ones that I collected. You can also buy a Radar and this will give you more of a distance to collect boxes. The amount of boxes you're able to collect and snatch will depend on the level that you are on.

Revealing Your Parcels And The Prizes You Get
When the parcels are ready to open, you click the reveal button and all of your parcels open. It gives you a list of what you have won. You can win coins and diamonds that you need to play the game or you can win bigger prizes. The prizes on offer at the moment are Fitbit Charge, Nando's vouchers, Now TV subscriptions and if you are lucky enough to find a gold box, then they contain anything up to £1000. When the prizes are revealed, you need to claim them and then they go to your account. Or if you have won money, you get a notification email that the money is in a Circle money app account for you. The prizes all have an expiration date, so please use them before the date it says.

Running Out Of Coins?
Get people to use your referral code, it gives you coins BUT someone can only add a referral code to their account once only. You can give your code to as many people as you want but you cannot use more than one referral code.  You will see people saying that you can keep using referral codes to get coins, this is wrong! they are saying it to try and get the referral coins. If you can't get any more coins through this way, you can buy some coins. Or hope nobody steals your boxes and wait for them to finish, then collect the coins. Every day you get a free box, you need to have been playing for 3 days to get this and then you get one every day after that. the more you play, you will get more bonuses.

What Is A Safe House?
On the map, you will see a little green building. This is a safe house, It is usually a Pizza Hut, pub or restaurant. If you check in to here, you are safe for 1 hour. It costs no coins and means you have protection, especially if its in a busy area. After an hour, you get checked out.

Coins And Diamonds
Coins help with the weapons and defending, they cannot be redeemed for real money. If you want to snatch from someone, you will need 25 coins, so if you are going to snatch boxes you need to make sure that you have enough coins to defend the boxes too. The diamonds are for super weapons - these are worth saving up because you can get a black hole and this will collect 50 parcels in the area. If you're on the receiving end of the black hole you cannot defend against it. Using a black hole means that you get to beat the 10 box limit. Some boxes that you reveal will contain one diamond, some boxes will reveal 10 diamonds.

Call A Truce With Your Neighbours
If there are loads of neighbours playing and you know who they are (often you can guess from their user name) then call a truce, you don't snatch their parcels and they don't keep snatching yours. This save a lot of your coins! And saves your friendships too.

People Keep Snatching Your parcels?
There is no way to avoid this unless you use one of the weapons. If you think you can cheat it by switching off your GPS or switching your phone off - it doesn't work, they will still snatch. All the time that your phone is off, you will miss notifications that someone is snatching. If some one keeps snatching your parcels, just slip on the cloak and you go invisible for an hour.

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