Friday, 24 February 2017

How Reading Eggs Are Helping Tilly Gain Confidence With Her Reading And Writing

We are trying hard at home to support Tilly with her dyslexia and one way that we are doing this is by using the Reading Eggs website. She is behind on her reading and writing and this is such a good way for her to play catch up.

Reading Eggs is an online resource for you to help your children in the home environment and it was created by a team of teachers, web designers and animators to support the things that they learn from school. So hopefully with some regular use, it will bring Tillys reading level up with the other children in her year. You can try an online session here for free before you decide to take out a yearly subscription, so what have you got to lose? As well as the online resource, you can order the books and flashcards to use with your children, and they both work hand in hand. The books are animated well with bright colours and they are easy to read. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought they were books that had come home in her book bag.

When you sign up to the reading eggs programme, there is no rush to get it completed and the children work at their own pace, meaning there is no pressure on them or you as a parent. I would recommend a couple of lessons a week, which can easily be done over a weekend of in the evenings, but Tilly is racing through. A year subscription will cost you £39.95, which works out at about £3.30 a month - less than a couple of bottles of fizzy drinks. The Mega book pack which we have been sent contains all the books, flashcards, posters and stickers you could need to work alongside level one and two on the website. This will cost you 69.95, when you have purchased the online subscription. But the books are beautiful and worth every penny.

As I write this post, Tilly is working her way through Reading Eggs for 3 -7 years old, I have started her from the beginning as she will gain confidence going over the things that she already knows. We have been active on the website for a couple of weeks and she has her own Kindle, so she can work through at her own speed. She comes to me if she needs help and we work through the problem together. I can also access the Reading Eggs website on my phone or laptop, so I can keep an eye on her progress without her thinking I am prying on her Kindle. She is keen to work her way through the programme and gets excited when she wins a golden egg, the eggs then get changed into prizes for the house that you can decorate. This brings out creativity in the kids and gives them encouragement to carry on with the Reading eggs, because they are getting a 'prize'. Tilly gets all excited when she see's that she has won a golden egg.

Like I said earlier in the blog post we are still working our way through the programme and we are now on lesson 33, I feel confident that Tilly is enjoying the Reading Eggs and it is encouraging her to do something constructive on her Kindle, rather than her just watching Netflix. She is happy reading the books online, but always takes one of the real books to bed with her and we read it before she goes to sleep. Each pack of books comes with a parental support book, it shows you how to navigate the website and gives you an access code for a free month subscription. There is a tick chart in the back of the book and you can keep a note of the books that your child has read. The pack also comes with work books that your child can write in because as they are learning to read, they will also want to start learning to form letters.

I feel that these have really encouraged Tilly to learn from home, she has gone from not wanting to read her school book and do her homework to being really keen to work through the lessons. Even on the way to school today, she asked me if she could do her Reading Eggs in the evening. I love this new enthusiasm that has awakened in my child, I love that she is keen to put in the extra bit of work from home and I love that she feels confident to work through the programme herself. She looks forward to the quizzes at the end of the books.

For parents that home educate their kids, this is a perfect resource. Have you used Reading Eggs?

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