Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Making Healthy Home Made Pizza And Coleslaw

I have been taking healthy eating classes at The Chequers Cookery School In Kent and this is what we made last week, now for someone who can't cook - won't cook, I think I did quite well. Please click the link for details of the lessons that they have to offer.

Pizza dough

225g strong plain flour
2.5 MLS sea salt
2.5 MLS fast action dried yeast
120 MLS warm water
15 MLS extra virgin olive oil


Tomato Puree
Tinned tomatoes
A choice of toppings like mushrooms etc


An apple
A stick of celerey
An onion or spring onions
A carrot
1/4 of a cabbage
A lemon
A spoonful of  light mayonnaise
A spoonful of natural yohurt

Make the pizza base by mixing the yeast and salt in with the flour and then add water and oil. The oil keeps the bread fresher for longer and feeling more moist. You then need to knead the bread and leave it to prove, the same as the bread recipe that we posted last week.

Whilst the bread is proving you then slice your toppings. I chose mushrooms, pepper, sweet corn and pineapple. Make sure that all of your tins of toppings are drained otherwise you will soak the dough. The fresher your vegetables, the healthier your pizza will be. Peppers are full of vitamins and minerals for you.

When your pizza base has proved, you need to roll it out to the shape that you want it to be and spread it with tomato puree. Do not take the tomato puree right to the edge because it will burn when you come cook it. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, you can use fresh tomatoes, but in the winter the tinned ones are a better option.

when you have dressed our pizza you can put it in the oven and start on your winter coleslaw salad. Take the lemon and squeeze the lemon juice in to a bowl, then chop your apple. The apple get placed in to the bowl with the bowl with the lemon, the lemon is acidic and will stop the apple from going brown. Then you need to grate your carrot, chop your celery in to small bits. You chop your onions and slice your cabbage very finely. When its all done, it goes in with the apple and lemon juice. Mix it all around in the bowl.

To make the dressing , you take equal parts of natural yoghurt and light mayonnaise, Mix them together and pour it over the coleslaw, because we used yoghurt to bulk out the dressing and a light mayonnaise, then it is a healthier dressing for you to enjoy. You can also add nuts to the salad for flavouring.

The coleslaw keeps fresh in the fridge for about 3 days, that's if it isn't eaten as soon as you show your family!

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