Monday, 27 February 2017

Powerpuff Girls Fashion Fury Play Set Review

Powerpuff Girls have been around since 1992, The year Kim was born, so as she grew up she would watch it on the Tv and both of the older girls had Powerpuff Girls bedroom furnishings and toys. So it is nice to see it still just as popular as ever now that Tilly is old enough to watch the cartoons on her Kindle. Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green) are sassy girls who fight crime using their special powers and defend the town that they live in, but like other little girls they have to deal with everyday issues that real little girls have to deal with. the Powerpuff Girls deal with sibling rivalry, losing teeth, using security blankets and going to school. It is a programme that adds some fantasy to youngsters lives.

Tilly was excited when she was asked to review some Powerpuff Girl toys, so the parcel arrived and she was able to play out the fantasy programme that she watches. She was sent, Fashion Fury set and also a second set with two figures in there, this creates more action for the play set.

The idea of the sets are that you can buy different ones and they mix and match together to create the story that you want to play out. The Fashion Frenzy set was very easy to put together and the instructions were easy for Tilly to follow and put the set together herself. That is a bonus because it means that I don't have to make it up for her every time she wants to play with it. The Fashion Fury set comes with one figure - Blossom and she attaches to a piece of plastic that helps her 'fly' she knocks one of the villains over, who in turn reveals another villain and then the final villain is revealed. You can buy more sets and they click together like a jigsaw puzzle, it means that the story scenarios are endless because you can create different story lines all the time and a kids imagination is endless.

The set is £14.99 and is available to buy from Argos, but to get the full amount of play from the kids, you need to buy more than one set and join them together to make a bigger play set and add different 'crime fighting' scenarios. The set we had was thrilling to start with but after 10 minutes, she took the mini figures and went to play with something else. So Tilly gives the little mini figures of the Powerpuff Girls a big thumbs up, but the play set only offered her limited play, so was discarded after a few minutes. The set is sturdy and very easy to put together, once it has been made up, it doesn't come apart during play.

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