Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rave-A-Roo Rave At Ministry Of Sound - This Weekend Only!

What are you doing this weekend? if you're in London, why not pop to the Ministry of sound with your kids to enjoy the popular Rave-A-Roo. tilly and i went there last month with her school friend and they both had a ball. From the moment that the doors opened there was fun galore.

Whilst you wait to go in you can have your photo taken in front of the iconic Ministry of Sound logo, something that is sure to get your friends jealous! you hang your coats up in the cloak room at the cost of £1 per item and then you are set to go.

Inside the night club is a glitter artist, she will give you a glitter tattoo which is so much cooler than face painting these days. There is the main room, where you will find all the main music happening, this is where we were lucky enough to see Dick and Dom, those naughty scamps went wild with water pistols, whilst the kids danced away to the kids rave music. This weekend it is Katrina Bryan from Nina and The Neurons, who will be bringing mayhem to the party. If it all gets to much, there is a smaller chillout room. The music is more chilled out and you will relax more, Tilly and her friend enjoyed spending some time in here because they were able to talk to each other without shouting.

There are games to play and at the most unbelievable amount of blow up toys to play with, dancing with a bright yellow duck suddenly got fashionable! The rave lasts for 2 hours and at the end there is a massive confetti party where they let loads of confetti cannons off in to the audience. it is the perfect end to the afternoon.

Rave-A-Roo tickets can be bought from Here and they will cost you £13.00 each. There are free carer tickets for those with disabilities and discounts for groups of 6 or more people. You can also buy tickets on the door at the full price of £20, so if you decide to go on the day, then it isn't a problem. Go and have some fun - We did at the last one!

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