Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Unboxing A L.O.L Surprise Doll

Do you have an unboxing fan in your household, then this blog post is for you. Tilly loves to watch unboxing videos on Youtube and she I am sure she isn't the only one. L.O.L surprises have developed a toy to suit all those unboxing fans. It is a ball that you get to choose and it has 7 layers. These 7 layers have 7 surprises for you to enjoy, leading to the best surprise in the middle of the ball.

There are 45 different L.O.L surprises to collect, and what you get in each one is the surprise. The packaging is colourful and attractive to a wide range of kids from pre teens to younger ones. There is a 'zip' on the side of your surprise ball and you pull it down, and it reveals a cryptic clue as to your dolls personality.

Next there is a sticker sheet, The dolls are different and each one does a special little 'trick', It will either wee, cry, spit or it will change colour in the water. Which one do you think yours will be?

The third layer contains your dolls water bottle, You need this later to give your doll a drink. If you're lucky you will get a gold topped bottle.

The fourth layer has a pair of shoes for your doll. Tilly got a white pair of boots, with a star picture on the side. The more layers that you 'unzip', you are getting closer to the end. there are words of encouragement and it helps to build the anticipation of what could come next.

The fifth layer contains an outfit for your doll. it also gives a clue as to what the doll is, whether she is a mermaid, a superhero, a cheerleader ........

The sixth layer contains an accessory, like a hat or a cape. This is surely going to give away what your doll is going to be.

The seventh layer is the final one, this is the plastic bag that has your surprise doll in. When you take her out, you dress her in all of the accessories to see what she is. Tilly had a cheerleader, she loves cheer leading so it was the perfect doll for her. Next she gave her a drink to see if she would cry, spit or wee. She did a wee! Even the girliest of girls will find this funny!

There is a lot of packaging and plastic wastage on the toy, but in the middle is a solid ball that splits in two, one half becomes a little house for your doll to live in and the other half is used as a swimming pool or bath and when it is turned upside down, it becomes a doll holder. So they have thought about a good way to use some of the packaging. If you close the ball again, you can add a plastic handle that is in the ball. That becomes a handle that turns the ball into a handbag, you can then store your doll and the accessories in there for safe keeping.

 These L.O.L surprises are priced at £7.99 and make great pocket money toys or are perfect for BFF gifts for your child's friends. When I think that I have paid nearly £1 for a Kinder surprise in the past, the chocolate gets discarded and the toy is some plastic tat that breaks before the day is out. So it put the god value of this toy into perspective. Where you do have the layers, it takes a while to open the surprise too.

You can find L.O.L surprises in most toy shops like The Entertainer from today and we would love to know what you're surprise is.

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