Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Birthday Letter To Tilly On Her 7th Birthday

Dear Tilly

I can hardly believe you aree 7 years old. Seven is a funny number because it is lucky, so I am sure you will have so much luck for the next year. God only knows you deserve some. You're only 7 years old but you have had your fair share of life disappointments and sadness, but you have over come all of it and you are blossoming into a beautiful little girl. I am so proud to say to people 'Actually that's my kid!'. Seven is so special for you too because you have waited so long to start Brownies. Your big sister is a Brownie leader and your name went on the list as soon as you were born, in fact possibly before you were born. Kim decided that getting your name on doctors lists, the best nurseries and everything else was less important than Brownies. So today is a special day for her too.

You are my fourth child, my baby and it took many years for you to grip the fact that your older siblings were actually your brothers and sisters, you thought that siblings were little like all of your friends brothers and sisters. But our family is special because you don't just have a mummy, you have Zach who is 23, to do the dad stuff with and Kimmy who is 24 as a second mum. You wouldn't have this special relationship with them if they were younger like you.

I did parenting differently with you. With the older kids I was strict! But then I had three kids in three years, it was a bit of hard work. I loved it though because I was always busy. I have always been a working mum, since before you were born and when you came along - you just slotted in to our life. I had a lot of trouble conceiving you, I guess it was because I was 36. I thought it would be easy as I had gotten pregnant so easily when I was younger. But 6 months on and nothing had happened so I went to see the doctor and he said with my age being a factor, we would be referred to a specialist. But the next month I was really shocked to find I was pregnant, with not just one baby but two. I had a bad pregnancy and lost your twin and you nearly died at 19 weeks. I was rushed to hospital with a heavy bleed and it was the scariest moment of my life. From then until the end of the pregnancy, it was problem after problem. 

But then you arrived on the 9th March 2017 by C-section (the thought of that horrifies you!). From the moment you were born, I knew parenting would be different. I knew you would be spoilt as you had a lot of people to parent you. You had fought so much to be born that we named you as 'Matilda' because it means brave warrior. It made us realise that you're a very special girl and that's how we treat you. You fought to be part of our family and we love you more and more every day. I don't know if its because I am older, but I am more patient with you than I was when the others were little. We broke all the parenting rules and did things like co-sleeping and feeding you solids when you you were ready and not doing any of this BLW stuff. If it was all good enough for your siblings then it was good enough for you. I kept them alive, didn't I?

I really cannot believe you are 7 now, you have grown into a loving caring little girl. Me and your brother and sisters are so lucky to have you in our lives, you really were sent here to send joy to our family, I cannot wait for all of the new adventures that we will have in the years to come. I may be older, i may get grumpy and tired but I love you with all my heart and I wish you to have the best of birthdays EVER. Happy birthday to my little Pumpkin.

Love from Mummy

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