Thursday, 30 March 2017

Beautiful Bows From Love Lucy

Bows are a big thing again these days, I remember in the 80's when they were huge. The bigger the bow, the better it was. So here we are in 2017 and bows are back in fashion. Partly due to the American programmes that the kids watch on TV and partly because Mums are working from home and making some extra cash opening things like ETSY shops or selling directly through their own website.

When Lucy went on maternity leave, she found herself at a loose end. She started making bows for her daughters and then it grew to the mums in the school playground. Before she knew it, she was opening a Facebook page and selling to people as far as Australia.

Lucy makes all sorts of bows over at from velvet bows to sparkly bows. She makes fashion bows that girls of all ages want to wear and also personalised bows to make your little girl feel special. Each Bow is individually home made by her and that makes the bow even more special because there will not be another bow exactly the same as your one.

The bows come with a clip on the back for easy placing in the hair and for the younger customer there are hair bands for babies that you simply clip the bow to. This way the bow grows with the child. If there is something really special that you're looking for then please drop her a line on the contact page and she will see what she can do for you. She asks for 5-7 days to all her to make the bows, she is a busy mum and each bow is hand made by her. Busier times it could be up to 14 days.

Tilly was given a variety of bows to try out and review. The bows are really well made and suit all little girls. She was sent a red sparkly bow that is quite large and sits perfectly on the side of her head. A unicorn bow to add a little bit of magic to her hair, A smaller silver bow for parties and a white bow that can go with all of her outfits.

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