Saturday, 18 March 2017

Coronation Street Grooming Story Is Mirroring My Life

Coronation Street is really good for highlighting real life problems as well as the obvious story lines that possibly couldn't be true. But their latest story line involving Bethany Platt has really hit a nerve with me. From the moment that Nathan started to 'befriend' her, I knew where the story was going. What makes this story line harder to deal with is that The victim is called Bethany, the same name as my own daughter who was 'befriended' by an evil man Nathan. This man also turned out to be a paedophile and although he never got found out to be offering my daughter to a paedophile ring, He did get my daughter pregnant and offer their unborn child to other paedophiles on the dark web.

When my daughter was befriended (I can't say groomed publicly because he was not charged of this crime, as my daughter won't admit this) she said she was 16, although I think 15. But whatever age she was, she still was a child. I remember thinking to myself ''How can she be so stupid to be caught out like this?'' I honestly thought that it was pre teens and kids in their early teenage years that got groomed by sex offenders. How wrong could I be? When It happened to us, I remember saying to my friends that it was so unbelievable that you wouldn't even see it in a soap opera.

So here we are seeing the whole scenario being played out on TV and people are kicking up a stink! Why? Because they say it is all happening before the watershed, yet in my opinion it is something that needs to be seen by children as well as the parents. It is a good learning curve for them, and it is something that could protect them in life. Although my daughter was 'befriended' on line but Bethany Platt is being groomed in real life, it is still so close to what happened to us as a family. I never believed it could happen to us, and I am sure that you're thinking it will never happen to you. But there are evil people out there and they prey on our sons and daughters. Recently I had a row on Twitter because a user was telling me that their child will never be a victim of a paedophile, that they never feel the need to check their child's internet and that they are convinced their kids would tell them if they are being groomed. The thing is that I checked my daughters social media until she was 16, I had to keep track of all of the different Facebook accounts she had. She tried to hide them from me, but I tried to be on it as much as I could. I think the proof is here though because my daughter still got 'chosen' by a paedophile and he took her away and ruined not only her life but ours too.

We have learned a lot about internet grooming and how to spot a groomed child, sadly it was a bit like closing the stable door after the horse had bolted. But its not too late for everyone else. Coronation Street is offering us all a chance to educate ourselves on the subject of paedophiles and grooming. You never know watching this programme could indeed make a difference to your life. When Nathan was shown to be showing Bethany Platt off to a room full of paedophiles, I felt physically sick. It was like when Nathan Green offered my grandchild on a public forum on the deep web. I also think that they have the role of the mother spot on too, She was warning Bethany of her worries about her new 'boyfriend' as I did worry when my Bethany was receiving gifts through the post from Nathan Green. 

I am looking forward to seeing the story line played out as it has been with dignity and hopefully seeing a better ending than we had. I lost my daughter and my grand daughter to a paedophile - Don't let it happen to you.

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