Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How Do You Use The Black Hole Or Tornado On Snatch?

So I have been playing Snatch for three weeks now and it is safe to say that I have become slightly addicted to it. I am not quite on the verge of Snatchers Anonymous yet, but its close! So the more I play the game, the more I am learning and I really want to share the the tips with you guys.

So the Super weapons! What are they and what do they do?

Well you have two choices of super weapons, Each of these cost you diamonds that you collect in the parcels that you open and also in your daily rewards. You can place these up to 5 kms away from you too, So place it somewhere busy and then you can go about your daily business knowing that your super weapon will be there..

Black Hole

This is exactly what it says it is a black hole that you place somewhere and it snatches parcels from people that come into the 1000m area. You can drop your black hole and it will stay there for 4 hours snatching from passers by. This will cost you 500 diamonds.

The Tornado

Does the same as the black hole but this only lasts for 2 hours and you can only get 30 parcels snatched from the people passing by, and the radius is 750 metres and it only lasts 2 hours, so it is better if you are going somewhere busy for a couple of hours and don't want to stay for the full four hours of a black hole.


When placing these Super weapons, you really do need to know a few things because I have seen a lot of players lose their diamonds because they have not placed them very well or have done something wrong by accident. When it tells you to place the black hole or tornado, it takes you to another map, its a more detailed map and you need to zoom in on it to see the road names. Then you carefully place the black hole or tornado. Make sure you cover busy areas, Shopping centres, tourist places, busy roads. Then you should get optimum areas, if you choose a big shopping centre then place it over the entrance as everyone has to leave sooner or later.

Think carefully before you use your diamonds on a super weapons. Are there enough players in the area that you can snatch from? If there are only a few players, don't waste your diamonds.

Read how others on this Facebook group have got on with the Super weapons, they may have let one off in your area and had no success.

Collect 10 boxes before you deploy your super weapon, then you will end up with 50 + 10 with the black hole or 30 + 10 with the tornado. Get the maximum amount you can have.

Use the tornado and black hole together, this way you could end up with 80 snatched parcels! And if you had collected ten on the way, then you will have an impressive 90 parcels in your inventory. Add the normal black hole that will cost you 500 coins and it will potentially give you 100 parcels, but please do think about where you're going to place them before you do this.


Expect all of the players in your little green radar to appear in your black hole or tornado. The green radar shows players within 1500 metres where as the super weapons only cover 1000 metres or 750 metres. So they may not quite be covered by the super weapon, if 30 people are showing you may catch 10 or 20 in your super weapon or you could just snatch 5 parcels.

Expect to be automatically hidden when you have deployed a super weapon, players could still snatch back from you. Make sure you haven't used all of your protection because you are going to need it!

Expect it to take all of a players parcels, it will only take one parcel from each player. I personally think this is very fair because I would hate to have all of my parcels snatched from a black hole or a tornado. And if you have placed the super weapon in a good place, you will have enough parcels with one from each player.

Expect your parcels to refill again to 30 or 50 once they start finishing. You will snatch boxes with 6 hours on and you will snatch some with a few minutes on. It is just random, but once you hit the limit of 30 or 50, that's it and you will not collect anymore.

Expect the tornado or black hole to collect parcels for you, it will only snatch from people.

Its no good complaining to Snatch if you place it in a place where there are no players. The app is new and they are trying their best to work on it everyday to bring you the game, They are working hard with brands to bring you new prizes all the time, I have opened over 500 boxes and mainly had coins and diamonds, this enables you to carry on playing. I await patiently for a flight to Europe and I know that if I really believe it will happen, then it will. If you don't play Snatch already, Download the game from Apple or Google Play and start playing now. Add this referral code in the referral box KERSQW, Then you are good to go!

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