Monday, 20 March 2017

Jobs in the UK: Searching, Finding, and Landing Trends

Finding a job in the UK can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of commitment and pure drive. While it is possible to just land a job by pure luck, it is invaluable to learn and understand the current trends in the job market in order to be completely successful in your career.

Social media dominates the current social climate. It is difficult to turn anywhere without someone posing for and posting an Instagram photo, making a Snapchat video or using Facebook live. The importance of social media is not lost on the job market. In fact, 79 percent of people looking for a job turn to social media to help with their search. LinkedIn is not the only website for job seekers anymore. Facebook and even Snapchat users can utilize more creative ways of going about networking for a job. Online job search companies are certainly a useful addition to the currently used social media accounts. After doing the necessary research on where the best places are to find a job in the UK – Leeds for instance ranking the 4th best city – you can use these resources to find the perfect job for you, it’s as easy as typing ‘jobs in Leeds’ in the search bar, and away you go

One trend that may be useful to know when embarking on a job journey is the rise in side jobs. It is often a necessity for some employees to work two jobs in order to earn enough income to be comfortable. It is easy to market your skills directly to a consumer market, and it is easier to acquire needed skills through a plethora of online education options. With all the possibilities the Internet has opened up for jobs, it is now easier than ever to make money on the side.

Another trend in the current job market is unsurprisingly due to the accessibility of Internet resources. Many employers are choosing to use a video screening process rather than a phone one. This can weed out potential employees much quicker and is more efficient for the employer. However, it is important for the job seeker to be prepared for the screening. Equipment should be tested to avoid unnecessary technical difficulties and they should be prepared to treat the screening like an interview (Just because you’re at home, it’s probably not a good idea to have a Skype interview in your PJs!).

A surprising trend in 2017 is that flexible, app-based jobs that have become so popular in the previous years are going out of style. Jobs with Uber and Airbnb have extremely high turnover rates, as most people do not even last a year with the company. Despite the popularity of these apps, the fastest growing jobs require cultivated skills and creativity, which often means a strict schedule or a nine-to-five workday. When looking for a job it is important to keep in mind that the worthwhile jobs are not always the one that offer flexibility in scheduling.

The job market is rapidly changing. People are not looking for job listings in newspapers anymore and it is important for every job seeker to know where and how to look based on current trends in the job market.

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