Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Making Mothers Day Cards With Gel-A-Peel

Mothers day is fast approaching and as I have been a mother for 24 years, I do like to get a gift that is home made, this way it is made from the heart and filled with unconditional love. I also know that when the older three were little, they would be so proud when they gave me a home made gift. Even if it wan't very good, they would give it to me with the biggest grin because they were so proud. Now with Tilly being 7 years old, I get to enjoy this whole experience all over again, because there really is nothing more special than something your child has put effort in to.

We were sent a Gel-A-Peel Craft Set in Pearly Pastels to get Tilly to make a mothers day card. Now obviously I couldn't get her to do a design for me and then write about my own card as there would be no surprise element for me on Mothers Day, So she hasdesigned a card for her older sister, who is 24. We always get Kim a card that says 'You're just like a mum to me' So this year, we went with making one for her sister. This means that she gets to experience the gift made with love.

The Pearly Pastels set comes with three colour tubes, in green, pink and white. These colours are pearlised so they look slightly shimmery on the card too, adding a little bit of magic. You get the templates and the plastic sheet to trace over the template, this is ideal for younger kids that are not so good with drawing or designing and it not only gives them ideas of what to do but also helps them to get the shapes correct. It is good for helping them to get creative. We peeled them off from the sheet when they were nearly dry as it meant they were sticky still and they stuck to the card easily without using glue. You could also do some designs on the card, free hand and just let them draw how they want - using expressionism.

To add a bit for fun to this set there is a gel tray, this means you can make some flowers, hearts or other shapes with ease. I suppose the tray is a bit like an ice cube tray, you add your gel and leave it to dry, if you try and remove it too soon they will lose their shape. To get the flowers/hearts that you want you can even mix a couple of colours together for a pretty result. Gel-A-Peel is perfect for letting them design their own jewellery too, you get everything in the set to be able to make some jewellery.

Gel-A-Peel is available from Amazon for £14.99 and in our opinion is worth the money you spend on the set, you can make over 60 accessories with the gel in the tubes, so it is a perfect activity to have for a girls sleep over or birthday party. When I was first introduced to Gel-A-Peel a couple of months ago, I thought that it would be all messy, but it really isn't. the gels are easy to apply and it just wipes away if you spill it. When the plastic template sheet is finished and you peel the finished creation, then you simply clean it by using a scraper or you can peel it off with your fingers.

Do we like this product? YES. Would we buy it? YES. Am I looking forward to 20,000 Mothers day cards from Tilly? definitely YES. Do your kids make home made gifts for Mothers day? let me know underneath in the comments as I love to hear the lovely stories.

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