Monday, 6 March 2017

My Four Year Anniversary And Competition News

Wow! Can you believe that this blog, My baby, my corner of the internet is now 4 years old? To be honest I thought that I would keep it up for a week or two. Having Bipolar makes me lose interest so easily and I am surprised that I am still here. I do of course, have the days where I cannot focus on the things that I am supposed to write and there are times that I don't make the deadlines. then there are the odd working times, sometimes I find myself working at 3am because I just cannot sleep and so much needs off loading from my mind.

So here I am 4 years on - FOUR FRICKING YEARS! I am so pleased that my blog has evolved to what it is now, it might not be the biggest blog on in the world, but its mine. I have helped so many people over the years and they have not kept it up, but I am still here. The blog is my baby, it is such a huge part of my whole families life. Tilly has grown up as a blogger child, she knows nothing different to this. Being a blogger also gives us so many opportunities that I couldn't do otherwise.

When I first started the blog, I didnt tell anyone. Mainly because I thought I would have given up after a week or two. Mainly because I was a bit embarrassed, I look back at my first blog posts and the spelling and grammar is awful! Some say that it is still not better now, but MEH, its my blog! I have learn't a lot over the years and I am sure there is more to learn yet- but I am ready

So please keep an eye out on the competitions coming over the next few days. and here is my first ever blog post from 6th March 2013. Its not much but please enjoy it as it was my introduction post.

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