Thursday, 23 March 2017

My Thoughts On The Terror Attacks Of London

I knew the time would come when I would have to explain terrorism to my child. But we live in a sad world where it seems to be everywhere! After seeing the shocking images on TV after the terrorist attack in London yesterday, I found myself explaining to my 7 year old that this doesn't happen all the time. But sadly with the campaign of terror stepped up over the world, it is getting more common. We have stood with the world as their cities were mindlessly attacked and innocent people killed and now the world is standing with us.

I am supposed to be going to London with Tilly on Saturday and for a brief moment I felt scared that I could be taking her for a day out but we could walk into something horrific, So I talked to her about it. Yes she is only 7, but she is an extremely clever and bright 7 year old. I shouldn't have to be discussing this with her, but its part of lifetime. We went to Europe in the summer and many people told me that I was silly and putting Tilly at risk for taking her to major cities that were targets of ISIS. But before we went I constantly told her how important it was to listen to Mummy and do what Mummy says.

A friend of mine works in the city and she said that she was going to get up this morning and get on the tube and go to work in London. Because like she says ''We are London'' and I thought to myself, Why should I be scared in my own country? Why should I let my child see me worry and cancel over some cowards who want to tear our country down? I want her to grow up as a strong woman and not to be scared to go to places in her own country. We need to be able to stand up to the scum that try to take us down. So I told Tilly we will still go to London to the cinema as planned and we will defy anyone that thinks they can put us off.

I got on the train to work today to see all the usual London city workers going about their business – This is what we need to see, they may try and kick us down but we are British and we will get back up and we will act with dignity. Great Britain is Great for a reason and we will survive much worse than this.

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