Wednesday, 22 March 2017

No Strings Attached Cordless Straighteners Review

I was asked to review some No Strings Attached Cordless Straighteners from Lee Stafford, now anyone that knows me, will know that I like doing my long hair in to different styles and quite often If I am travelling to London, I can be seen plugging my straighteners or curling wand into the plugs that are there for your laptop or mobile phone.... because commuters love the smell of my burnt hair first thing in the morning!

Other than that, because I work on a Fragrance counter for Superdrug, I like to do my hair, because my appearance helps to sell the fragrance. So being the busy mum that I am often trying to do my hair for work, whilst looking after my 7 year old daughter and having to run about making her breakfast, getting her PE kit together, finding her missing shoe, making sure she cleans her teeth...... the list is never ending! So I have to get up early to be able to straighten my hair in peace and quiet. When I was asked to review these, I thought how fantastic! I could run about the house getting Tilly ready whilst doing my hair.

When they arrived I was surprised that they were so heavy, The Straighteners come with the cordless straightener, a base to pop them in to heat up, a little bag for the straighteners and a heat mat. I had wanted a heat mat for a long time, so This was a bonus for me. The base is very heavy, so it isn't the kind of product that you would want to take on holiday, it would really weigh your luggage down. Also it is not the type of product that I could throw into my handbag and do my hair on the way to London. You could however use it as a corded product if you are travelling.

The straighteners fit into the base and they warm up, Then you remove them to do your hair, My hair is long and not particularly thick so I started to do my hair, after about five minutes and completing a few sections of my hair, they needed to go back into the heating base to warm up again. This took a few minutes to warm up again and then I could do my hair again for another five minutes. I felt that they never stayed warm enough to straighten my hair properley and that as soon as you removed them from the heating base, they started to cool down. This resulted in my hair not straightening properley.

Before straightening with cordless straighteners

After straightening with the cordless tongs 

The travel bag is big enough for the straightener and the cord but not the base, So I would have liked to see the a bigger bag to pop everything into. The straighteners heat up to 230 degrees, which I prefer. I currently have some Coco Loco Straighteners from Lee Stafford and they heat up to 200 degrees, I do prefer the hotter straighteners as I like to get poker straight hair. The straighteners are very hot when fully heated and you need to be careful when holding them as they get hot on the outside of the metal plates, but this makes them really good for curling your hair, because there is a  lot of heat. They don't come with adjustable heat either, so you have to wait for them to cool down a bit if you don't want to use them at the 230 degrees.

I really like the idea of these straighteners as you can use it as you are getting ready around the house, but feel to use them as cordless straighteners, my hair is too long. So you do have the option of adding the cord from the base into the straighteners, this gives you the corded option again which is better for popping in your handbag or suitcase for a holiday - but then you are back to the corded straighteners.

I think that these are perfect if your hair is shorter and you have the time to keep heating up the straighteners, but unfortunately, they didn't seem to suit my hair.  The concept is good but the reality not so! You can get these from Amazon for £49.99 and free delivery with Amazon Prime.

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