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Our Top 8 Tips To Healthy Hair

Hair! Its important to us, we like to keep it in tip top condition and often having a small family around you don't have time to spend making yourself look fantastic. So if we follow some tips to keep our hair in good condition it will save some time later, when we are having to spend time repairing the damage that we cause by neglecting it. We live on the Kent coast and in the winter, it is awfully windy and often very wet! this causes so much damage to my hair and it really drys it out, tangles it and the bands I use to tie it back, rip the hair out. How do I look after my hair? Its easy and it can usually be sorted with stuff you have at home.

You don't need to wash your hair everyday! I know we all do the school run and there we are with our unbrushed hair, tied up in a bun but there is always the 'Glam mum' with her freshly washed and groomed hair every day. Who do you think has the better conditioned hair? Its you! Washing your hair everyday will strip the natural oils from it so its better to wash it every other day or every other couple of days.

Cut down on the use of hair appliances. I never really use my straighteners or curling wand in the winter because the weather is so harsh and also because as soon as I have straightened my hair, I go outside and it is raining! well there goes my good hair. Using appliances dries out your hair and you end up having to spend time conditioning with treatments to repair the damage. I limit myself to just using a dryer in the winter and I the summer, I cut out the dryer and just use the straighteners or curling wand.

Use natural products on your hair. Natural products have been around since the beginning of time, so it makes sense to use them - They must be good for your hair because they have been used for so long. Coconut oil is a popular product to use because it is good for dry hair, it adds moisture back into the ends and it smells just like a holiday! Tea tree oil helps to heal many scalp conditions like dry scalp and also helps to stimulate hair growth. Better still you can mix both of these ingredients together and they work really well as a treatment.

Wash your hair gently! Wash your hair and lather up as usual, rinse and add conditioner to the mid lengths and ends. When you rinse it, use cold water. This is good for your hair because it seals the cuticle shut and gives your hair a fantastic shine finish. Then comb your hair through to untangle and dry it. Do not use a brush because it will rip your hair out and split it.

Don't get stressed! When you are stressed, your whole body suffers and nails get brittle as well as your hair suffering. Make sure you eat properly and this will all reflect in your hair and skin.

One For The Men. We are all a bit vain aren't we? Even the men are keen to still look young these days. But having kids really does affect our hair. I swear my hair has fallen out with stress over the years. Did you know you can actually get a treatment called Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment to give you your hair back! The way it works is by applying natural pigments to your scalp, so it works like a tattoo but give the effect of a really short hair cut. I said this is for the men, BUT ladies, we have all over plucked our eyebrows at one stage, you could even have this treatment to replace the eyebrows that you have lost.

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Get regular hair cuts. Get your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks, It gets rid of the split ends and it makes your hair look thicker and much healthier. Your hair will be soft and you will be able to manage it so much easier.

Make your home made Shampoos and conditioners, Like with our food, it is better to know what are in your products, so if you can make your own products, then not only do you save money but you can use different products every time. add oil to your hair as it gives you a fantastic shine and adds some moisture to your hair too, research old hair remedies because it is always fun to use the old ones.

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