Monday, 27 March 2017

Peppa Pig - My First Cinema Experience Review

On Saturday we were very lucky to be invited to the Picture House Central cinema in London to the special screening of Peppa pig - My First Cinema Experience. Although it is called a cinema experience, it isn't a feature film. It is a selection of 9 new episodes especially made for the cinema, combined with some brand new interactive entertainment from Peppa, George and their friend Daisy. There is singing and dancing through out the whole cinema experience and it is songs that your pre-schooler will know and sing along with.

I took Tilly to the cinema and all though it wasn't her first cinema experience, she still watches Peppa Pig at home on her Kindle, so I thought she might like this. She has only just turned 7, and giggled along to the cartoons as they got themselves into little scrapes. She found it hilarious in one part where the Queen is driving a bus in London and gets stuck at Tower Bridge, so she decides to speed up and make the bus jump the bridge. We have all seen this happen in adventure films and I really didn't expect it to happen in Peppa Pig. Tilly gasped as the bus got stuck and it wobbled on the verge of falling in the water - but it was okay because Her Majesty saved the day.

The cinema experience is just right for a pre-schoolers first cinema outing because the episodes are short and they wont get bored, its just like watching the programmes at home except you have Daisy entertaining you too. The interaction is good and it looks like Daisy is actually talking to your child. It makes the child feel special in a little way and there fore they enjoy the experience a little more. Even mums and dads have to get involved with the singing and roaring. Its almost like being at the theatre. The cinema experience also teaches the child about many different aspects of life, for example Peppa and her family got to Australia and enjoy Australian activities that your child may never have come across before.

Peppa pig is voiced by 15 year old Harley Bird and she has been the voice of Peppa for 10 years. Tilly was lucky to meet her and grab a photo opportunity.

Peppa Pig - My First Cinema Experience is released nationwide in the UK on April 7th, just in time for the Easter holidays. The whole experience lasts for just 60 minutes, so it really is a good time length for a toddler or pre- schooler. Anything more than that and they find it difficult to keep sitting still. Tilly really enjoyed watching Peppa Pig at the cinema. So even if you do want to take the pre -schoolers , I am sure the older siblings will be happy to sit through it too.

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