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Whats The Difference In Fragrance Strengths?

Working on the fragrance counter I like to think I kind of know my stuff otherwise I wouldn't be very good at my job would I? I quite often I get customers asking me the difference between Perfumes and Eau  De Toilette (EDT). With the men its the difference aftershave and EDT. Eau De Parfum (EDP) for man is getting more popular and more fragrance companies are going down that route because men want a stronger longer lasting fragrance. So what is the difference between the perfume strengths? Well let me tell you

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For the ladies

Perfume is 15 to 30% although Superdrug don't sell an actual perfume there are many stores that do. it will be more expensive but will last 6 to 8 hours. You use this sparingly on your pulse points.

EDP is 12 to 15% concentrated and will last to 5 to 6 hours this is the most popular way of buying a fragrance because people like the longevity of the perfume.

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EDT is 4 to 8% and will last you 2 to 4 hours it's not so extravagant or expensive as perfume or EDP so you can use more. This will last you 2 to 4 hours so it's perfect to use on a night out or if you're just popping to Work to do a four hour shift.

Cologne this is very much less popular in the women's fragrance as it is only 2 to 4% and only lasts a couple of hours. It is a very light spray and is a good way to a fragrance in the summer.

Body sprays have suddenly become popular since last summer days are very like to wear and only contain about 1% perfume in them. Because they are so light they need applying very often but they also are popular in the summer when people don't want such a heavy fragrance, a lot of teenagers will opt for a body spray because it's more in the budget and it's not so strong.

You can also get perfumed body sprays and shower gels, these are perfect for layering where you would have a shower with shower gel then once you're out and you're dry you could use the body lotion and then finish with the spray of your perfume or a EDT. This will ensure that your fragrance will last a lot longer because the body lotion and shower gel have both soaked right into your skin.

Fragrances for men

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EDP has become very popular for men over the recent months, more and more brands are bringing out an EDP version of the fragrance because men want a fragrance to last longer these days. It contains 12 to 15% perfume and will last about 4-6 hours.

EDT is the fragrance most men go for, they like a spray rather than a splash on. It will last you 2-4 hours and it is a light fragrance for the chest, front and back.

Aftershave splash only contains 2 -5% perfume and lasts up to 2 hours. It is used to cool and tone the face/neck area. Apply liberally all over the face and neck. Because there is fragrance in the product, it is less likely to irritate and will be beter for sensitive skin.

Aftershave balm/moisturiser contains about 1 -2 % fragrance, so it is very mild and the same as the women one, it is perfect for laying the fragrance. Again as there is such a small amount of fragrance in the product it is perfect for sensitive skin..

We all have our different choices of fragrance strength that we like and it really is a personal choice to make. Some fragrances I prefer  EDT and for others, I want a heavier fragrance so will opt for an EDP. Hopefully this guide will help you to choose your next fragrance.

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