Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Craftbox Fairy Charm Jewellery Set Review

This actually has to be the best gift EVER from Interplay! All little girls love jewellery and Tilly is no exception. This arrived in time for the Easter holidays and as the weather is getting better every day, it was a nice activity to sit outside and do in the garden.

The Craftbox Fairy Charm Jewellery set is available on the website for £9.99, again it is pocket money price and a good price for a party gift for a school friend. The set comes with a mixture of over 370 gems, beads, and charms. It has a really fine coloured elastic to make the necklace or bracelet and it's easy to keep an eye on because it is colourful. The beads have big holes in them, so it's so much easier for younger children to use.It meant that Tilly had more patience than she normally does with other bead sets. The set does come with a big variety of different beads and there is an endless amount of bracelets and necklaces to be designed. There is a huge amount of coloured elastic (5m) but it did get tangled easily.

In the set, there are also clasps that hold your necklace closed. You put this on when you have finished the necklace and it acts as an emergency latch, it opens if the necklace is yanked too much to prevent strangling. I can honestly say that I have never seen this type of necklace clasp. With the set you can make 10 pieces of jewellery, the charms are beautiful and look quite well made and magical. The elastic is strong and of a good quality.

This set is everything a little girl (or boy) could want to make beautiful creations and Tilly loves it. Normally she doesn't have any patience for things like this and so many bead sets have gone unused over the years. This one isn't going back into the box in a rush and I have to wear all sorts of Tilly designed jewellery!

This is a big 10/10 for the Craftbox fairy charm jewellery set from both Tilly and me, it's not always possible for us both to find a toy that we like playing together. If you don't like fairies, then there are Mermaid Charm and Snow Fairy Charm sets also available from Interplay.

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