Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Does Changing Your Mindset Change Your Life?

Bullying is everywhere, it is sad but true. It is one of my biggest worries with Tilly as she grows older. I think it is because I have been through it before. Kim never got bullied at school because she kept her head down ad studied, she kept herself to herself and she managed to go on to uni. Beth, however was bullied, she went to an all girls school and they were vile! It was denied that bullying was happening and there seemed to be nothing that I could do. With Tilly I know there are things that I can do, I can teach her that she is confident and that she can do whatever she wants to do.

She says every day 'I am beautiful and I am confident', This is our way of giving her confidence to face the day and that no matter what anybody says to her, she is better than that. I am changing the way she thinks and looks at herself and giving her a positive mindset. I know that it is working because she even recites it in her sleep sometimes. So if we can do it to our kids to give them confidence, then maybe we should do it for ourselves too. Quite often as a grown up we find that we don't have the confidence to go on and do the things we want to do, or we need a little bit of encouragement to carry on with what we are doing. I have bipolar and sometimes I need all the confidence you can throw at me.

Rebecca Adams has been a friend of mine for a few years, I am so proud of her because she has come a long way in those few years and I have seen her grow in confidence. She always has wise words and always knows how to make you feel good in yourself. Rebecca has no become a life coach and spends her days helping others to feel confident in themselves and she is always on hand to offer words of wisdom to those who need it. Rebecca says ''Keep Going Always is my life-long mantra & legacy that I want to share with the world. So, I decided to bring you products that can help you towards feeling good & better about yourself.''

So that is how she came to design some products with inspirational quotes and they are designed to help you on the inside to feel better and help you work on the outside. The products range from pencils for making notes with to mugs to drink your morning coffee from. She has a range of t-shirts and they come in all sizes, even if you are on the larger size. I am a size 28 and she has some to fit me too. Rebecca is soon to be expanding into offering these t-shirts in children's sizes too. because I am a believer that this kind of positiveness is good for kids and if we start changing their mindset when they are younger, then they grow into confident adults.

Rebecca's Website is keepgoingalways.com and you will find her contact details there to discuss any coaching services, but you can also buy some of her products with her life motto ''Keep Going Always''. We were sent the Mug priced at $12.41, a mug is something we use every day so to have the motto printed on there means that we are taking in the motto, even though we don't realise. This will help us to keep going always without even realising it. We were also sent some pencils that I intend to let Tilly use as well as myself. because again I believe that you subconsciously take in your surroundings and all the time that she is using these pencils she will be taking in the inspirational wording on them. These pencils come in a variety of packs and they start are $4.69 for a set of 4 pencils.  The prices are in USD but Rebecca is based in the UK and the products can be converted to UKP.

Do you have a mantra that you stick to? Do you need some inspiration in your life? Please pop over and check Rebecca's page out and you can also find her on Facebook.

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