Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hotter Valetta Shoes From Hotter Review

We were recently invited to a Hotter blogger event at their store in Canterbury, I had never really looked at Hotter shoes before because there wasn't a store near to me and I usually just grab a pair of shoes from a really cheap shoe shop like Shoe Zone. They are okay, they need replacing about once a month and when you're spending £12.99 for cheap shoes every month, there has to be a better option. So I went along to the event, not knowing what to expect, but left feeling pleasantly surprised at the selection of shoes available to people like me. So the cheap shoes I buy are not very comfortable to wear really and my feet ache after a day at work, it's all to do with the thin soles on them I think. They are so uncomfortable and bad for your feet.

The customer service in the shop was fantastic and they were very knowledgeable about the shoes, they were patient as people took time in deciding which shoes we wanted. Personally, I fell in love with the first pair I saw and that never happens to me! I was at the blogger event with Kimmy from www.memylifeandthetardis and she works as a carer in the community, so her shoe needs are completely different from mine. I choose shoes for how they look and she chooses them for comfort.

My shoes of choice were the valetta shoes in suede and they are £79, I do like heels for a night out and these were not too high for me. They kind of remind me of the shoes that the ugly sisters would wear on the Cinderella films that we watch. They have a kind of traditional feel about them with a modern twist. I put them on and they were so comfortable, you can definitely feel the comfort from the millions of air bubbles in the sole. The sole is thicker than my normal shoes, and the soles have a pyramid technology (loads of tiny triangle cushioning) in them by the balls of the feet to make them even more comfortable to wear. This adds more comfort for the shoes and they are leather lined that adds to the comfort too. Pyramid technology is only found in shoes with the heels.

I have worn these shoes on a few occasions now to really put them to the test and they really do feel as comfortable as Hotter promise! I always wear flats for my everyday shoes but these are just as comfortable as wearing them. They go with anything that I wear and you can use them with everyday outfits or on a night out somewhere. The shoes come in half sizes and they are easy to buckle up every time I wear them. They are suede and need that little bit extra care with them, so I have bought a suede brush from Hotter to help keep them in tip-top condition. I am definitely sold on these shoes now and the old saying 'you get what you pay for' really does apply here because I doubt I will go back to using cheap shoe shops again. Tilly was very disappointed that they don't make shoes for children and is now desperate to become an adult to get a pair of Hotter shoes.

The store we visited was Hotter, 10 Parade, Canterbury. It is open Monday to Saturday 9-6 and on Sunday 11-5. You can also buy the shoes online at

A little bit of brand history.

In 1959 Hotter was started to manufacture slippers but as the slipper sales were seasonal they decided to start making shoes too that feel as comfortable as slippers. When the shoes are made they have millions of air bubbles in the sole to ensure comfort when you are wearing them all day long. Their first store opened in 2002 and by 2010 they had 5 stores nationwide. Today they have over 75 stores! So it goes to show that the concept they designed is what people want.

Hotter has rapidly become the largest shoe manufacturer in the U.K. And it makes one shoe every 20 seconds. In 2010 Hotter also launched in the USA and the call centre that is based in Lancashire next to the factory is open from 8 am until 4 am the following morning. This is to help the customers from the USA but also you know when you wake up at 3 am and think "I need to phone Hotter up about my shoes" then you can do it there and then.

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