Monday, 24 April 2017

How To Get The Perfect Smile

A smile often makes such a difference to your day as well as someone else. When I am at work, if a customer smiles at me then I feel so much more confident and comfortable serving them. A smile will get you attention and it is perfect for flirting.

1, Exfoliate those lips! You can get a lip scrub or use a toothbrush to take up away the rough and dry patches on your lips. You can make your own exfoliator with baking soda plus some water and then apply it with a soft toothbrush or you can buy a lip exfoliator from somewhere like Superdrug. When you have exfoliated apply a lip balm because that will help keep your lips in tip-top condition. Exfoliating gives you a smooth base for your lipstick and will help it look perfect for longer.

2, Make your teeth look sparkly and shiny, By using the correct shade of lipstick, blue-based lipsticks like a plum or purple colour. You could also find a blue-based pink or red coloured lipstick that will counteract any yellowness in your teeth that's caused by the things that you drink. On the colour wheel, blue is the exact opposite to yellow so blue with counteracting any yellowness. It works the same kind of way as if you had yellow tones in your hair, you would add a blue tone to your hair to tone it down a little bit.

3, Kissing is actually very good for your teeth because it increases the flow of saliva in your mouth and gives your teeth a bit of a bath to get rid of the plaque.

4, Avoid drinks like tea, coffee, coke and red wine because they will stain your teeth. Imagine if you had a white shirt and you put some red wine on it, then it would stain and it would be incredibly difficult to get clean again. That's what it's like with your teeth, also avoid dark foods because they'll stain your teeth too. So if you rinse with water straight after you eat, then it will help you to get rid of the staining.

5, Use an electric toothbrush because they are so much better for removing plaque from your teeth and giving you that little bit of an extra shine whilst you clean your teeth use the whitening toothpaste and then floss afterwards to prevent any dark stains staying between your teeth.

6, Use a lip liner, not only does it shape your lips but it will also stop your lipstick from bleeding. If you use a clear lip liner and you don't have to worry about matching it with your lipstick and if your lipstick wears away throughout the day and you don't get left with visible lip liner.

7, Practice smiling in the mirror, you may feel a bit of an idiot but getting that smile perfect will help you to have the perfect smile when you're out and about.

8, It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, so smiling will be so much easier for you to use :)

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