Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lego Storage Boxes From Red Candy

Lego - URGH! it gets everywhere, I am always finding it when it digs into my foot as I am walking barefoot through Tilly's room. I actually think the pain is worse than walking on hot coals! So I needed a solution to keeping all of her Lego together rather than the simple overflowing box that she has and it is always falling over the edge. That solution came in the form of actual Lego boxes, not only do they look like huge lego bricks but they are also stackable and have lids. They are made from a tough plastic and come in a variety of colours, so you really can have fun with a few different colours and sizes. You can get them in two sizes, they come in a four brick or an eight brick and they are so much bigger than I expected them to be (but then I am rubbish with sizing).

The 8 brick ( 50cm x 25cm x 18cm) is £24.99 and the 4 brick (25cm x 25cm x 18cm) is £18.99, The colour of the Lego blocks are vibrant, just like the Lego that our kids play with and the best bit is that these are an official Lego product too. When they stack, they fit really well together and are very sturdy. Tilly does have trouble pulling the lid off the larger box but personally, I like it that way because she can't get it out without my help. We were sent two Lego boxes from, we received the 8 brick in Red and the 4 brick in yellow. There are no sharp edges and the plastic is very sturdy, I even caught Miss Tilly sitting on the 4 brick box. Although these are Lego boxes, there is nothing to stop you using them for other toys too and they look so tidy because the lids go right over the box and are not just placed on the top.

When you place your order, the boxes will arrive within 1-3 days and postage for these would be £3.95 but if you spend over £90 then the postage is free. Red Candy offers a wide variety of quirky and colourful products for your home, They started in 2009 and sold only red products, but now they have extended and now offers the customer a wide range of vibrant products. In fact, they have this to say ‘Shut up, beige!’ is our battle cry against everything bland, reflecting our mission to cut this lifeless shade down to size and fill our homes with lots of lovely colour instead! 

These boxes are easy to carry and Tilly has taken them outside a few times to play with. Having the lids on them means that they don't spill whilst they are being carried.

To order your own Lego storage boxes please pop over to Red Candy. We give these Lego boxes a big 11/10 rating because they are so cool, sturdy and good value. As you can see in the picture below, the possibilities of the boxes is endless and you can choose any colour and size to build up

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