Monday, 10 April 2017

LOL Doll Easter Hunt

It's Easter week already! Where has that time since Christmas gone? So who is doing an Easter hunt with their little ones? They get a bit boring with Easter eggs all the time, there is only so much chocolate a kid can have, so we have had an Easter hunt for Tilly with a difference.

We were sent a LOL surprise doll and I hid it in the garden that has been placed in the local ruins on a castle. We picked up a cheap Easter egg hunt kit from the Pound shop and we were off. I placed signs for her to follow and along the way, there were some extra little surprises to keep the suspense up and keep her focused on the big prize at the end of the hunt. Tilly has trouble reading due to her dyslexia and this was a perfect opportunity to get her to do some reading in the school holiday too as she had to read the direction signs.

First, she found a clue, this is a small slip of paper that you get in your LOL surprise that gives you a clue to the doll you're about to receive. Then after searching high and low, she found clue number 2, a LOL doll colouring sheet. I am not sure if she knew what the end surprise was or not yet. So Clue number 3, threw her off track a bit as it was a packet of sweets. Clue number 4, was an encouraging postcard to tell her she was nearly there.

Finally the grand prize! She loves LOL dolls. I think it is because of the whole unboxing thing but we all love a surprise, don't we? We have written a blog post before about unboxing a LOL doll, so you can read it here and see her video. But what did she get in this LOL surprise? She got a Mermaid doll, she has wanted one of these for so long and has been lucky enough to open a few of these LOL dolls with her friends too. One of her friends has the mermaid already and Tilly was so envious - but now she has her own.

Do you do anything different for Easter hunts or have you thought about doing a toy one? LOL dolls are the perfect size for this kind of activity because they are easily hidden.

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