Friday, 21 April 2017

My Kid Has An Amazing Personality!

Kids are funny aren't they and Tilly brings so much laughter to me and her sister Kim every day. I actually think that she is a clone of me because her temperament is exactly the same as mine and also her sense of humour. I see so much of Beth in her too and I do worry that the problems we have had with Beth will come to Tilly too as she is just too trusting. She is so outgoing and not scared of anything, maybe that's come from the history of her life and the things she has had to deal with at such a young age. Maybe that has made her braver than most kids. I took her to work recently so we could run a tombola stall for Marie Curie and she was standing outside of the shop, actually getting people to come inside. I think it was partially down to her cuteness and the fact that she wouldn't take no for an answer. I did have to tell her a couple of times that it was rude to follow customers that had said no and keep badgering them! But she helped to raise nearly £70 that day.

She is the kindest kid I know too. Recently I gave her a box of Easter hunt eggs that we received from the Easter egg promotion from CO-OP. I was supposed to give them to a good egg, and she is my good egg. She puts up with a lot with me working all the time either for Superdrug or on the blog and she has to take a back seat sometimes. There are days when we have I have deadlines to meet and we stay in our pyjamas until lunchtime to get the work done. She never complains and just entertains herself for a few hours. Anyway, she looked at the Easter eggs and said that she couldn't eat them herself and asked if the kids in the neighbourhood could come and join in with her. She really does have a heart of gold and I know she is going to carry this trait on to adulthood. So that's how we came about holding an Easter egg hunt with some of her friends on Easter Sunday.

She has my sense of humour and adventure, If we find something funny, she will get involved. Recently we went to France for the day and she was always up to no good! Someone had drawn loads of outlines of people on the floor, just like the outlines of dead bodies. She actually got in these outlines and she laid there whilst we took pictures of her. I just hope that her sense of humour doesn't get her into trouble like it does me at times!

Sometimes I wonder if her confidence comes from the fact that she is a bloggers child and she has always been in the limelight on the blog. Now she is confident enough to even have her own YouTube channel, she actually thinks she is famous. I let her believe she is because in her little corner of the internet - she is famous. You can find her YouTube channel here and she would love it if you subscribed and gave her the thumbs up.

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