Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Reason Why I Blog

People ask me why I blog and to be perfectly honest, I even ask myself that question most days! But I started my blog over 4 years ago after suffering from PND, I had it really bad and was under a psychiatrist for most of that time. I had psychosis and it wasn't pretty! But one day before Tilly's third birthday, I decided that I was ready to stop hiding from the world and I needed to let more people back into my life. So I started the blog, not knowing what to expect and being too embarrassed to share my posts those first few weeks and months. I actually thought that my blog would run for a few weeks and then I would lose interest - I got that wrong because here I am 4 years later.

I love people reading my blog these days, I never feel embarrassed these days. In fact, I am so proud of my blog and where it has brought us these days. When I first started blogging, I told my manager at work and she encouraged me to write about the products that we sell at work, her thinking was that it encourages sales and also kept me writing. Whenever I was down or struggling with the blog, she would be there with a new product for me to write about. This actually led to Superdrug awarding me with a trophy for my blog work, but the trophy should really have gone to the manager behind the blog as she was the one who was always there with the encouragement.

My blog started to receive more readers and then I had companies approaching me to review their products. Don't get me wrong, it didn't happen overnight - it took a whole year of building my blog up before I got a review offer. It was a £4 tin opener and you would have thought it was a £100 gift that they had sent me. I suppose it spiralled from there and I built up a really good friendship with other bloggers. It was nice to have a load of online friends that had been through similar experiences as me and they also used their blogs to write their own experiences. I actually really needed these friends in 2015, when my life was crushed with the news that my daughter had been groomed online and the man was arrested and charged with paedophilia. When the news came out, it didn't seem real and it sounded like I was making it up. I spoke to a few other bloggers before real life friends and their support was great, it gave me the confidence to confide in people I know. They were there to support me for the past two years since it happened and continue to do so.

As for my actual blog, it goes from strength to strength. Of course, there are days when I feel it would be easier to walk away from it all because I am tired and need a break, but there are times when I look at it and remember its my little corner of the internet and its creating family history for my children grandchildren to look back at. I also use it to remind my daughter that no matter how her life has gone and any mistakes she has made will mean nothing to us because we love her and will always welcome her home.

These days too, my blog is a fantastic way to get bits for Tilly, being a single mum isn't easy and money is always tight, so having things sent to her means I don't have to buy her toys and treats. She is very very lucky in that respect and we get to give our opinion on them. We use some fab websites like to find some really nice opportunities and companies to work with. It is like an open door and it is a good site to meet up with some good companies. Why not join up?

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