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5 Holidays With A Difference

I am a person who likes my holidays and I always look for something different in a holiday destination. Holidays make for great memories and if you're looking for something different, look no further than the 5 different types of holidays we have found for you. I think I was spoilt in my upbringing. I grew up in Germany and I experienced a lot of different holidays that my family and 'Civvie' friends never experienced. I am a big believer in kids learning about different destinations by actually being there, so experiencing a different holiday is important to us.


You can buy a train ticket and just go anywhere, We did this last year and we went to about 8 destinations over 17 different places over 25 days. You can do this on a budget or travel first class and travel in real luxury. You're not stuck to an itinerary because you just travel where and when you want and train travel in Europe is so much more luxurious than UK. You just need to book your hotels as you go and its easily done by booking through somewhere like You pay for your rooms on arrival and can cancel rooms if your journey takes you in a different direction than you expected. The best thing for me about this holiday was that Tilly travelled for free, so it cost me £360 for a months holiday travel. You can activate your ticket to travel in this country too, this will get you to a point of border, so we used it to get to the airport meaning we saved £35.00 on a train ticket. We stayed in budget accommodation but you really can stay anywhere, if your budget is higher then you have a choice of quality hotels too. Travelling by night means you save money on hotels and always book seats, there are loads of people using the European trains. You can find posts about our trip here at

Group holidays

These are fantastic if you want to travel on your own, you either meet up and travel with a group of people on a coach or something like a boat. Holidays like this are perfect for good personalities that make friends easily. I know people that have done this and become good friends with their group, so the following year, they do it again. offer a variety of holidays so there is something for everyone to do. They taylor make your holidays for you, you just need to let them know what you want out of your experience. If you're not travelling on your own and you want to enjoy a holiday with other people with the same ideas as you, then this type of holiday is for you.

Festivals and events

This year we will be doing a few festivals, it is something that is quite a new experience for Tilly. We are going to Geronimo Festival, which will involve camping for three nights. Getting back to basics whilst enjoying all of the activities around her. This is a children's festival but there are different kinds of festivals out there for you to try. I have been to Glastonbury before with one of the older children, that was an experience that I am glad I experienced with her. Again it was camping and enjoying the experience of the different things all day long. Sometimes festivals can be quite expensive to go to - but they offer you a really unique type of holiday experience, you get to meet thousands of people and everyone is there to have a good time. Kids learn a lot from festivals because of all the different cultures that they encounter. Try festivals in other countries too -  Just don't forget your wellies!

Sporting holidays

If you're part of a sports team then why not look at booking a sports holiday? You can travel to different countries and join in with tournaments. It's a fantastic opportunity for you or your child and the trips are completely organised for you. It doesn't matter what sport you participate in because there are companies that will cater to you all. You might want to do a rugby tour or a go to a swimming camp to improve your game. These experiences are fantastic for people who are passionate about their sport and want to meet new teams, participate in tournaments or just go on a holiday with their teammates. Trips like this could also be available through your child's school, so it's always worth asking or even suggesting a holiday like this. Sporting holidays can include stadium tours, hiring a coach to help teach them the game and also a bit of sightseeing in the area. These are fantastic holidays for those passionate about their sport.

Food and wine holidays

We all love our food, there is so much to choose from these days, so if you're a bit of a foodie, then the best type of holiday for you is something like a trip to Germany. For food and drink, it is by far our favourite destination, you have the german food, which is of course mainly sausage but you need to try Bratwurst. I introduced Tilly to it in Germany on our Interrail trip last year. Now she asks for it all the time. Sometimes it is covered in a curry sauce, making it a Currywurst - You have never tasted anything so perfect in our life! Sadly we can only get the curry sauce in Germany. Whilst in Germany you can take a cruise down the Rhine, where you will see vineyards on the sides of the river and you can get up close and personal in some of the vineyards. You can find some ideas of food and drink tours at You could even combine an Interrail trip with some food and drink tours, then it makes for a really good value holiday and I really recommend a visit to Trier in southern Germany

Where do you go on holiday? do you like beach and relaxation or something different?

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