Monday, 1 May 2017

5 Tips On Getting Your Body Ready For The Summer

It is spring, I know the weather is so unpredictable and it is hard to get into the mindset of it being summer soon. But we need to start thinking about our skin and how to make it look good in preparation for the summer. We hide away all winter and then it's summer and we want to show off our body, so we need to start preparing it now. here we have a few tips on how to get your body summer ready. 

Rehydrate your skin, you can do this by drinking water. Water is good for your body, both inside and out. But you can also rehydrate with a good quality body moisturiser or body butter. My skin is extremely dry and I suffer from Psoriasis, so I like to use a moisturiser with an oil in the ingredients. 

For a glowing skin, you can use a body and face scrub. An ideal one for a facial scrub is Jason apricots facial scrub at £5.99. It is a naturally gentle scrub that will polish away any impurities on your skin giving it a brightening look with the help of the apricot oil and triple refined walnut powder. When you use the scrub, it gently removes all of your dead skin cells and gives you a beautifully smooth and glowing complexion. The Jason brightening apricot scrub is perfect for using every day because it is so gentle. This is perfect for vegetarians. You can also get a body scrub to remove the dead skin cells and at a healthy glow to your body as well as your face.
Add a bit of a summer glow by using a fake tan or a tinted moisturiser. This will add a hint of summer to your skin and make you look very healthy. you can choose to have a subtle glow or a deep tan. Make sure you have exfoliated properly to get rid of the dead skin cells and use a tanning mitt for an equal tan all over your body, also remember to blend it into your neck.

Whatever you eat is an important part of looking after your skin and body, quite often with our busy lives it is difficult to have time to have a healthy diet. So in order to get the extra vitamins inside your body, you could supplement your diet with vitamins to help maintain healthy skin, eyes as well having a healthy immune system. Then you need to have a good vitamin A, Solgar A Vitamins 5000iu Dry 100 are £11.45 for 100 tablets.
The weather at the moment is so unpredictable and one minute it's freezing cold with a wind blowing in your direction and the next it's sunny and you're getting a beautiful suntan, this has an effect on your skin and we need a facial moisturiser to help with the effects of daily stress. Something like Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Moisturiser 30ml contains almonds oil and delicate Plum Kernel oil, which will protect your skin from the effects of the environment and will help to regenerate your skin. Because it is made of oil is easily soaked into the skin and will help to combat the effects of seasonal changes in the weather. This is perfect for removing eye makeup because it is created to care for the gentle area of the skin around the eyes. It costs £15.75 for the Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Moisturiser.

What Are your rituals for getting ready for the summer?

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