Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Sneak Peak At Kims Birthday Gifts.

Tomorrow it is kimmy's birthday, and I can't quite believe that I am the mother of a 25 year old. I mean, when did I get so old? Every year we always book to do something special, but this year we haven't because we are going away to Manchester next weekend to attend Blog On conference and to meet up with some friends of ours. Money has also been tight because I have booked a Brownie pack holiday place for Tilly so this birthday will pass quietly for us.

Kimmy is my support network and really helps out with my childcare, Tilly often asks if Kim is her mum too - that gets confusing in public. Someone last week even asked if Kim had gone to school to collect her niece. Without Kim, I wouldn't be able to work because she helps out with Tilly on her days off.

For her birthday she has a Dr Who Monopoly game, She is a bit of a geek and loves her Dr Who. In fact her blog is even called Me, My Life And The Tardis so the game seemed appropriate. She had asked for it a few Christmases ago and I found it in a charity shop, still sealed for £14.99. I was amazed with the bargain.

She wanted some Business cards, especially as she is working hard to build her blog up. So I went to and ordered her some. I ordered the last Monday and it said that they would be here by the 17th of May. I kinda guessed that they wouldn't be here for her birthday, but they would be here for the conference next week. My own fault for leaving it so late. Can you imagine my surprise when they arrived today? I am over the moon with the service and will definitely order from them again. I kind of like the way they are geeky too.

I work with a really talented bloke at Superdrug and he makes paper mache things. he has a huge life size paper mache R2D2 in his lounge at home. Last week he bought a smaller R2D2 to work and I cheekily asked him to make one for Kim's birthday, This week he made her a BB8 (I think its called that - Kim doesn't get her geekyness from me). I love this because it was made especially for her and nobody else has one.

I did her birthday on such a tight budget and bulked out her gifts with stuff that she needed like sparkly trainers, Dalek false nails and chocolates. Next week  we will party in Manchester! But I really don't think she should be allowed to get any older than 25.

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