Thursday, 18 May 2017

Building A Home From Shipping Containers

The housing shortage is a real problem these days. Buying a home has become so hard to do and has become something that is unachievable these days for many young people. I owned my own home by the time I was a mother of three and I was 27 years old. It's not easy for anyone to be able to do but my children will never get on the housing market with the housing situation like it is. New builds are coming up all the time, but especially in my little seaside town, we get a lot of the 'down from London' lot, this pushes prices up and makes it unreachable for locals. Even in London there is a housing crisis and people are looking for alternative ways to buy a home. In London, you will find Container City, a fashionable area where Urban Space Management Ltd has successfully used the Container City system to create classrooms, office space, sports halls, nurseries, community centres, artist studios, retail space, live/work space, sound recording studios and a General Practice. Can you imagine how cool it would be to live in a container?

You can even build your own home in a shipping container, it isn't going to be easy or cheap but it will be cheaper than the cost of buying a house made of bricks. If you have your own land or know somebody who has land, then you are half way there.

You can buy shipping containers from places like Ebay, who would think that? At a cost of around £1000 you have yourself a cheap place to live. But then that is where the real fun starts. You will need an architect to help you to design your home from your container and you will need to make sure that its safe to use as a home. Then look at getting a contractor in to do the work for you, unless of course, you can do the work yourself.

You need to put foundations down, a shipping container is very heavy and will just sink into the ground over time, so you need to lay some good foundations. You can find some foundation plans and ideas at You can then place your container on the foundations and connect it to other containers if you are looking for a bigger home. Containers are connected with bolts, welding and specialised clamps.

You need to reinforce your container before you start taking walls down, after all, you don't want it collapsing on you inside. You can do this by adding beams to support the ceiling. If your roof is intact and waterproof you won't need to do anything to it, but if there are problems with it, you will possibly need to build a new roof. This means you get to choose a pretty finish to your home.

The flooring in the container will need replacing because they are usually treated with pesticides to stop vermin going in them whilst they are being used. There is also a chance that you don't know the whole history of your container so you won't know what chemicals or nuclear waste it has come into contact with. So rip up the floor and get create more flooring with concrete, then add another more comfortable type of flooring over the top.With it being a container home, you will be better to add some commercial flooring. This will last longer in your container home and quite often you will find that commercial flooring looks just as nice as flooring in a normal house.

Seal your home because there will be gaps in there from any walls that you have removed and you need to make sure it's waterproof. Then you need to cut out your windows and doors. This is the exciting part because it's the part that will really make you container look like a home. You need to add a frame inside the container house, this helps to keep the windows and doors in place as well as being able to let you put insulation in and electric. They are then hidden behind the inside frame and it looks tidy. You need to connect it to water and your house is ready to furnish.

Do you have an alternative home? I love the idea of a container home and the fact that people are building homes like this in areas with housing crisis is such a good idea.

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