Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Creating A Work Space At Home

It is nearly been a whole year since I registered as self-employed on my blog, A YEAR! where has that time gone? I really enjoy being self-employed as well as keeping up with my primary job as a fragrance adviser for Superdrug. But I do get bored of seeing the same four walls all the time when I am working from home so looking for alternatives to just sitting in my lounge and working all of the time. I NEED an office. Sitting in the lounge with the TV on is such a distraction, if I switch the TV off then it is too quiet. It's also hard to relax in the lounge because I think of it as my work space. So what are the alternatives? I have had a look around at some amazing options. There are so many different varieties of jobs that involve working from home

An Office In A Shed

This is a fab Idea that my friend Mary from does from her home. Mary writes at www.mymodelmummy.com and she has converted a shed into her own little work space. As well as writing her blog from there, she can also do her freelance work for Laura Ashley and manage her cut flowers business. You can get sheds from somewhere like Amazon or B&Q. Mary is also a blogger for Laura  Ashley and gets to fill her shed with beautiful things, making it her own personal space where she can work. 'She sheds' are getting more and more popular and the can start as low as £150.00

A Spare Room

This is perfect if you have space, unfortunately, it will never happen for me because
1/ I only have a 2 bed-roomed house
2/ I have boomerang kids!
3/ Tilly is only 7, so it's going to be a few years before she moves out.

A spare room can be small and as long as it is light and airy, it is perfect for you to use as a base for your office. Although it isn't ideal for me, it could work for others because when you have finished working at the end of the day, you can close the door and walk away. It also ideal because you can work in there and not be disturbed by the kids, It's better to be able to shut the door and make phone calls without arguing kids in the background.

A Conservatory

This can be an expensive project but it will also be a good choice because it will add value to our property. A conservatory will be a perfect choice for an office because it is so light and airy. If you work in a darker room, then you tend to not work as well and you find yourself getting tired. The light is fab for taking photo's and you can also use it as space for kids to play (although not my choice of use if it's your office). Conservatories have a multitude of uses, it is something that will be part of your home forever and you can use it in all weathers. They do vary in price for what you have in mind, but there are plenty of conservatory prices here. This is my number one choice for a new office.

A Coffee Shop

With WIFI being available almost everywhere these days, sometimes it is good to get yourself out of the home and work from an office in a coffee shop or McDonalds. Sometimes, I will go to Wetherspoons, then I will get a breakfast and work whilst eating. Sometimes they do unlimited coffee in the morning, so you can just keep refilling! You can actually meet up with other people who are doing the same thing and it is good inspiration sometimes to take yourself out of a situation and work somewhere different. I have been known to sit on a street corner and write a blog post before!

Your Bedroom

So this has been the place for blogging over the winter, it was warmer and cosy. On the days I work from home, I can take Tilly to school in my pyjama's and then just climb back in bed to write. it's relaxing and homely. My bedroom isn't big enough to have an actual office in there but if yours is, then you can add a computer station in the corner with a set of shelves. It would depend on whether you are happy to work in an area that you use to relax in, sometimes you can look over into your office corner and see the work piling up in the corner!

Do you have a work office? Where is your favourite place to work from?

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