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Fighting Head Lice With Kit And Coco *REVIEW*

Nits!!!! They are the bane of my life! Tilly has really thick hair and it is long - very long. So she always has to have it tied up for school, but that doesn't seem to stop her catching head lice. Nits isn't a nice word but then it's not a nice experience for kids. Sadly some parents still think its taboo to talk about them and admit their kids have nits. When your kids get nits, you have to go to the shop and buy a lotion, but they are not very nice. They smell vile and it's really not a nice experience for kids.

I was asked to try out some Kit and Coco Head lice products on Tilly's hair and give my honest review. Head lice products are never cheap so it is always good to help to PREVENT it happening before it actually does. Kit and Coco offer a few products to help this to happen.

Head Lice Spray And Protective Head Band

I love the concept of this product, it is a spray that you can spray onto the headband and then you place the headband in the child's hair. It helps to prevent the head lice from coming into contact with your own child's hair. Although it doesn't say it on the bottle, you can actually use the spray it on the hair too, its perfectly safe. It does have a really strong smell of lotion that lasts about an hour before it starts to fade. The headband is pink, which is a real girls colour but it's not ideal for school and thats that she is getting the head lice from. But it will prevent her from catching them from after school clubs and extra curricular activities. I would like to see the set made with school coloured headbands, I think it could be a good seller. I liked the product as it didn't make Tilly's hair look or feel greasy, and that a bottle lasts a few weeks. Once it is sprayed on your child's hair, clothes or hair band it will protect for 24 hours. You just need to get into the routine of spraying once a day and if you do it in the evening before bed, then the smell is gone by the morning. I use this opportunity to comb through Tilly's hair too. This is £7.55 from Amazon just now and you can get it on a repeat subscription, choosing how often to get it sent to you. I would recommend this product. Prevention is better than cure and if you can keep on top of the infestations then you really are on to a winner.

Head Lice Protective & Hydrating Mousse

This is a mousse that you run through your kid's hair to repel the head lice again. You need to use it to prevent the head lice latching on to their hair. It is easy to apply and as it's a mousse you can cover the whole head in no time at all. But I will be honest and feel that it isn't for us. As I have said in this post - Tilly's hair is long and thick, so I was using a lot of the mousse, This meant that her hair felt and looked greasy. I feel that it is better suited to someone with short hair or boys. You can just run it through their hair in seconds and they can go. On short hair, this is a really cost-effective preventative for head lice. The mousse is easy to apply and mess-free, and again you get full 24-hour coverage. Although this isn't for us because Tilly's hair was too long and thick, but for other children with short hair, it could make a big difference between catching head lice or not. It costs £3.95 currently and is available from Amazon

Head Lice And Egg Treatment Kit,

Lastly but not least is the product that I was most impressed with. It is the Head lice and egg treatment kit, I liked the packaging, it looks better than your normal head lice kit and it comes with a brush to apply the shampoo with, so you can get it right into the roots and make sure it's all covered, make sure you use enough shampoo. The shampoo comes in little tubes, these are 'doses' and if you have short hair, then you could use one dose, but for Tilly's hair, I used three doses to start with, then two doses. The shampoo goes on to their damp hair, and the best bit is that it doesn't smell of your normal nit shampoo, it smells pleasant and it goes on just like a shampoo, then there is a shower cap to pop over the head. You leave it on for 45 minutes, probably longer than the usual head lice treatment but it really is worth the wait. You wash it out and then comb the hair through with the nit comb that comes in the set. The comb has really long teeth that mean it gets through the whole length of the hair and down to the roots. This means that the comb gets into hard to reach places. The thing that I liked the best was that the head lice fell from the hair as I combed it. The head lice were dead and whenever we have used lotions in the past, we have found that the lice actually are not killed with the lotion. But with this shampoo, they just dropped dead from her hair, making my life so much easier.

You can use it as one treatment for the whole 45 minutes or you can use it as a shorter dose by using it for 15 minutes on day 1 and then on day 10 you repeat with a second 15-minute dose. I think you know your child's hair and you can use a method that suits you best. The head lice and egg treatment kit is available from Amazon for £15.75, this contains 4 doses of the product, so on an average child's head it will be 2 treatments, We normally buy Hedrin  which is the same price just for 2 doses of the lotion, no extras like the comb and the shower cap, You really need a decent comb to go through the child's hair and plastic ones do not do it! they don't scoop the head lice up and remove them from the hair.  It is more expensive than some other head lice treatments like Full Marks but if it works for us, Full Marks never kills the Head lice and she is infested again within a few days. It is better to pay the money for a quality product than to keep having to buy the cheaper version and keep repeating. It's not a pleasant experience for the child or the adult. This way is so gentle and smells lovely for the kids. You can also buy the tubes separately for £10.75 for 4 doses.

The Kit and Coco range are not tested on animals, this is important to us because Kim is a vegetarian, the shampoo contains coconut and this is an extremely popular product for your hair because it is good for your hair, whilst soothing the scalp from the scratching that will have happened during an infestation. Pay particular attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears particularly because it is here that the females lay their eggs.

You can find more Head lice advice and details of the products on

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