Friday, 12 May 2017

Five Ways To Get Natural Light At Home

Being a blogger, I dread the winter time because it makes it almost impossible to take good quality pictures for my blog. I long for the summer nights when I am not restricted to taking pictures between 11 am and 2 pm. All bloggers scream a hurrah when the days get longer and it is lighter for longer. But there are many ways to help get light into your house all year long, and hopefully, we have a few tips for you.

Cut back Trees

If you have trees or large bushes in your garden that could be blocking out some light, then cut them back and claw some of that light back. there really is nothing worse than having windows blacked out from an overgrown bit of greenery. Overgrown trees will block the natural sunlight from your home in the summer and keep any natural solar warmth out of your house in the winter, So get out there and cut them back.

Having mirrors in your home

Not only do mirrors give you the illusion of a bigger house, but they will also help to get natural light into your house. If you position one opposite the window or at an angle close the window, then it will reflect light into the room and make your pictures look so much more natural. This will also help with making you feel better. Winter is so depressing and it always seems so dark, when we have the sunshine, we really need to be making the most of it. 

White walls

White walls will also make your house appear brighter, I know it's not ideal for families with little kids, but you can buy washable paints these days. I have kids in their 20's and it's a struggle keeping the white walls clean. I have white walls to give the illusion of my house looking bigger. I live in the smallest house in the world, it's amazing that I bought up 4 kids here because it is only 2 bedrooms. White accessories make a house seem brighter too. It helps to give the illusion of light. Scandanavians have sussed it out, they use a lot of white and have minimalistic homes. This makes the house look so much brighter. Have you ever seen a dull Scandinavian home? Bold and dark colours on your wall will make the room feel darker because as the light reflects off it, it seems to reflect the darkness. 

Roof Lanterns

If part of your house has a flat roof then you need some roof lantern solutions to get some natural light into the building. I suppose they are skylights BUT as they are angled like a lantern, they let light in from all angles. So you get constant sunshine all day long. They usually add an attractive and unique feature to your home as well as keep the cold out and the warmth in. Because roof lanterns are placed right in the middle of the ceiling, the light reaches every corner of the room. These are also perfect for watching the stars at night and the rain. Rather than a flat skylight, these lanterns let rain run off them and it also stops the windows getting dirty as it can't lay on the glass - this will also help to bring natural light into the building.

Daylight bulbs

This is ideal, especially for the winter months because it will bring natural light to the room. These are ideal for people that are not lucky enough to have huge windows with loads of light. They can be bought from Amazon for as little as £7 and really can make a difference to the day for a person. Some are such low wattage (30) yet the lumin is high, so it is almost like being outside. Some of them reach the desired whiteness within seconds and they are perfect for SAD (winter depression) sufferers too. 

Do you have any of these solutions to brighten up your home or dark space?

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