Thursday, 11 May 2017

How McDonalds Is Changing For The Better

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to McDonald's in Woolwich to see how it all works behind the scenes and to get a look at how Mcdonalds are refurbishing their restaurants. McDonald's has played a big part of our life from my own childhood, right up to my own children eating there. When the older kids were little, it was fashionable to have your birthday party at a McDonalds, there would be a member of staff to entertain the kids and there was normally a play area or a visit from Ronald McDonald.

McDonald's has come a long way since then, people want to eat on the run and they want healthier food. So McDonald's have looked at healthier ways to feed you and your family. The burgers are made from 100% British and Irish beef and the fatty parts of the cow are not used, so when it is cooked, it is not cooking in fat. Instead, it is grilled with double sided plates and is so much healthier than frying it. Nothing else is added apart from salt and pepper, that is added after grilling. The chicken in the nuggets are 100% chicken breast, so you only get the fat free part of the chicken, which is then chopped and shaped into their famous nugget shape. I never buy chicken nuggets to eat at home, so when Tilly comes to get her happy meal from McDonald's, she will choose the nuggets.

Tilly has a happy meal all the time, she gets to choose what she wants and the choice is huge! She can choose her chicken nuggets, then goes for the fries and a Fruit Shoot or milk. Although there is an option of the fizzy drinks with the happy meal, they do not really advertise the fact and seem to push the healthier option of drinks instead. This is something that parents like me all love! They also have Fruit Fridays, where you also get a free fruit bag with the kids happy meal. Not only does this promote the healthy option of the happy meal but also gives them one of their five-a-day. You can buy the fruit bag for 49p to also go with the happy meal on other days. Tilly even showed me that the happy meal boxes are designed now to tear across the bottom and it creates a plate for your child's meal - no more laying out serviettes.

McDonald's have been bought right up to date with their recent refurbishments. You can now order your own food using the screens as you enter the restaurant. Your order goes straight through to the kitchen and it starts to be cooked. these days, food is cooked to order so you can be sure of absolutely freshly made meals. You can also adapt your order to how you want it. If you don't want onions, then you can ask for them to be left out of the meal. You pay for your meal and then take a ticket to go and collect the food. Choosing the meals at the screen is so much better too because if you have children like me, you will know the pain of a child changing their mind 20 times before you pay for your order. This cuts down the congestion at the till and you can change your order as many times as you like without having to feel embarrassed. A lot of people think that having the order screen in the restaurant will mean that staff will be replaced, this isn't the idea at all - in fact, it puts more people in the kitchen to make your fresh meal.

Once you have your meal you can take a seat and the kids are occupied with tablets at the table, and in some restaurants, you have plugs to charge up your phones and laptops. Whilst in there you can even catch up on work or social media, by accessing the free WIFI.

I had always wondered what it was like to work in a McDonald's and I actually got a chance to make my own McDonalds meal, let us just say that I don't think they will be queuing up to hire me! The staff work so well together and the whole team, know exactly what they are doing and nobody gets in each other's way. It was like a well-oiled machine! So after I slowly made my Big Mac, I got chips and a milkshake. You will all be pleased I don't work for McDonald's because I took ten minutes to make a meal. Whereas the trained staff can do one in minutes.

So keep a look out for the new and refurbished McDonald's restaurants, because they are designed to make your life easier.

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