Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Pizza Express Artisana Pizzas and Carbonara Review

When we eat out, we generally go for Italian and our pizza restaurant of choice is usually Pizza Express. The food seems so much nicer and it is less sloppy on the pizza like many other pizza chains. When we don't have time to eat out of our budget isn't so good at times, then we buy our Pizza Expres pizzas from Iceland. They have a good selection and as well as the pizza, you can get pasta meals to go with it too. This weekend Tilly and I decided to have an Italian lunch, I figured it was a bank holiday - so why not?

We popped to Iceland and Tilly made a selection.

The new Chicken Barbacoa Pizza – Our sourdough base topped with spiced chicken, red & yellow peppers, red onions, spicy chipotle salsa, creamy mozzarella & our famous passata. I wasn't sure how she would get on with the spicy pizza but she actually loved it. Personally, I don't like thick crusts on a pizza so this was the perfect base for me. It had a variety of toppings and I love red onions. The pizza cooked evenly and it was the right consistency of toppings.

The Pomodoro Pesto Mozzarella & Tomato Pizza is a sourdough pizza base, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, semi dried tomato and basil pesto. There were loads of cherry tomatoes on this pizza, We always choose a vegetarian option for Kim, and again the base is a thin sourdough base. Again the pizza cooked evenly and there was just the right amount of toppings on there. 

Both of these pizzas are available at Iceland on a special offer of 2 for £4 at the moment. Individually they are £2.50 each and are part of the Artisana range.

As a side dish, we chose the new  Carbonara – A classic recipe of pancetta in a cream, garlic and cheese sauce, cooked with fettuccine pasta. I know that a dinner in the box is usually the last option that you want for a meal but you NEED to try this carbonara out. Sometimes a meal in a box dries out as you cook it, but this carbonara is cooked in loads of sauce so it is absorbed into the pasta and it is far from dry when it comes out of the oven. It is totally microwavable too, but dinner usually tastes better in the oven and you can cook it alongside the pizzas. 

So what did we think?

The pizza topping seemed fresh as if they were frozen as soon as they were picked and they were huge decent size toppings too. The pizza was full of colour and the base was just the right thickness. The size of the pizza is perfect for one adult and it was the size of a large dinner plate. These would be perfect for friends nights in, kids sleepovers or a normal family meal. The Pizza and pasta meals were cheaper than eating in the restaurant but still the same quality and quantity as you would expect in a pizza Express restaurant. The carbonara was lovely but not very big as a whole meal itself, you would want to serve it with some salad or bread rolls.The meal selection didn't fail in the taste department and you could tell that a lot had gone into creating the meals for the home market.
Would I buy these again? Yes, I would. They are slightly more expensive than own brand pizzas, but you do get what you pay for. The price was good for those on a budget. 

You can buy these pizzas from your local Iceland store or online at Iceland.co.uk.

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