Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Project MC2 Spy Bag Review

Tilly has always wanted to be a spy, She loves the secrecy and is always curious to know how secret things work. This is why she loves Project MC2, she gets the fiction and the adventure of watching the girls McKeyla McAlister, Camryn, Adrienne, Bryden, Devon, and Ember. The girls make science and maths look easy and bring fun to the subject. It is also fantastic to see 6 girls concentrating on male dominated subjects. I feel it gives Tilly a positive vibe to know she can do whatever she wants as long as she works hard at school. Project Mc2 can be found on Netflix and it is now into its third season.

There are so many accessories that you can buy to go alongside the programme so your child can play at being a spy/scientist/mathematician. You get dolls and sets, these come with experiments for you to do. S.T.E.M toys like this are very important to help kids learn because they think they are playing but we know they are learning.  Tilly has been asking me for the Project Mc2 Spy Bag for ages, and she was sent one to review. She was so excited that you would have thought it was Christmas.

The Bag looks like a cute little handbag but it is made of solid plastic and it opens up like a cupboard would open and it has hanging hooks and shelves. the latch on the front is a little hard to open for Tilly but I am happy with this because it means the bag doesn't open when you're walking around. Inside the bag, you have the following items.

  • A fingerprint kit, this includes a shimmery dusting powder that your child can use as a blusher too.
  • An air blower that looks like a perfume bottle, you use this to blow excess fingerprint powder away.
  • Cards to collect fingerprints
  • A makeup compact, with a magnifying glass (to look for fingerprints and clues)  and a compact sponge (use this to apply the powder to the fingerprint)
  • Secret message launcher that looks like a lipstick 
  • Flashlight disguised as a nail polish bottle
  • Beakers, test tubes and booklet with fun, secret agent experiments
So Today Tilly went to do some spying with her spy bag. She had heard there had been a crime in the local shop, so off she went to investigate. Of course, it all had to be done in complete secrecy! Firstly she had to make herself look the part of a Project Mc2 girl, so ut came the shimmer cheek powder and the powder puff from the compact.

Next came the sneaking around, she found a perfect opportunity to use the nail polish bottle that is actually a secret light. All you do is remove the top and you have a little torch to see into little spaces.

She then had to use the secret message launcher to let the other spies know what she was doing, so you write a note and place it inside the lipstick case, then she uses the target viewer to see where she is shooting the secret message to and she fires. The secret message soon reaches her friends. As it is a lipstick, you can pretend to be casually doing your lips before turning to spy mode. 

She arrived at the scene of the crime and soon got to work with using the magnifying glass to look for prints, and as soon as she found one she got out the powder puff and dusted it with the dusting powder.

To lift the fingerprint off the surface, you need to use the perfume bottle to blow the excess powder away and then you use some clear tape (not included) to lift the print and place it on the fingerprint chart that is included in the set.

As soon as her work was done she was on her way, and nobody even noticed she had been there thanks to all of the spy products being disguised as beauty products. 

I think the set is right up there amongst one of Tilly's top Project MC2 toys as she loved it, it is aimed at her age I feel and she understood the science behind it. The handbag is made of a good solid plastic material and looks to be long lasting. The products fit in their own little slots inside the bag, so they do not move about when you walk around with the bag. There are also drawers that she can put little bits in. The bag is quite heavy because it is made of a good quality plastic, so it really is only a toy and not suitable for use as a bag. The handle is a chain looking one but it is again made from a plastic, which makes it stronger and long lasting. 

The bag has test tubes and beakers so they can make up their own experiments to play with. It also makes the set look more realistic to play with too. The bag is cute, chic and fun, everything a spy could want to help her on her way. It is available from Smyths Toy Shop for £39.99.

Wouldn't you like to be a spy? I can't wait for Tilly to go to bed and I can play with it .....

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