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Spring Cleaning Tips And Getting The House Ready For The Summer

It's spring and the weather is finally getting better. I thought we would never see a bit of summer this year but finally, we can see the end of the tunnel and the weather is improving. As I suffer from depression, I find the winters hard and as its dark in the house, I find it difficult to find the enthusiasm to clean the house properly. So now that it's spring I decided to ask some professionals at Connect Cleaners what tips they have on doing the first deep clean of the house. Spring cleaning always makes us feel better in our self and it prepares our home for the upcoming summer. It helps us to get rid of the old and in with the new, Its time to get rid of old stuff and do a right old good deep clean.
Clean The Carpets

It's so nice to have some light in the house again, but it shows all of the dust, especially on the carpet! Our carpets get so dirty in the winter with dirt and mud being trodden into it, then there is the dust that we can't see. A good way to get the carpets clean is to hire a carpet cleaner, you can usually hire a Rug Doctor and have your carpets really clean in an afternoon, these professional cleaners get right into the carpet and bring out all of the dirt and dust that has settled, not just cleaning the surface.

Wash The Paint Work Down

If your house is anything like mine, the walls never stay clean. Tilly drags her hand down the walls as she comes down the stairs and there is usually a black line of finger marks. So we have to keep up with washing the walls down. This is easily done with a £2 pack of sponges that you can get from a shop like Asda, these are fab because you just wet them down and they 'erase' the marks on the wall. Your walls will be so much cleaner and you don't even need to add any other cleaning products with the sponge. Make sure you have the correct paint on the walls because if you use matt paint it will wash the paint away too.

Empty Those Cupboards

Get your food cupboards emptied and cleaned out, you will be surprised at how many foods you have hidden in the back of the kitchen cupboards that are out of date. it's a time-consuming job, but you will feel so much better when you have finished. If you find food that you won't eat, then pop it to the food bank because I am sure there is someone who could make use of it.

Clean Windows And Curtains

Get those net curtains down and pop them in the washing machine with a whitener like Dylon curtain whitener, that you can get from Amazon, you just pop it in the machine with your detergent and it brings your curtains back to the white that they should be. Whilst the curtains are in the washing machine, its time to get the windows cleaned. These days you can buy a variety of sprays to make your windows sparkle but quite often there is nothing better than on old-fashioned tried and tested method like mixing one part hot water to one part distilled vinegar, use old newspapers to put in the vinegar and water mixture and clean the windows. You will get through a few whilst cleaning the windows, so collect them for a few days, get rid of any coloured pages those as they won't help with the window cleaning. Dry it all off with a lint free cloth. When the windows are cleaned, hang the net curtains up and let them dry as they hang, this means they don't get creased. Clean windows brighten up your house and make it seem so much cleaner.

Open The Windows

Throw the windows open and let the fresh air in, there is no better feeling than the wind blowing in and airing your house out after the dull winter. It gets rid of any stale smells and blows the cobwebs away. We are lucky to have huge bay windows and the fresh air can blow through, but my dream is to have a HUGE window or something like some aluminium bifold doors. With people coming in and out of my house, I want it to look and feel welcoming. Bifold doors make your house open out and look so much bigger than it actually is.

Washing Machine

Clean the washing machine out, make sure you wipe in the rubber do seal. You will find all sorts of rubbish in there (although you should do this about once a month). When the kids all lived at home, I used to find all sorts in my washing machine door seal. Put a descaler through the washing machine, this will get rid of some of the limescale in the machine and hopefully give your washing machine a longer life span. Clean the water pipes out, especially the waste pipe if you can because it will be filled with gunk from the machine and lastly pull your washing machine and tumble dryer out so that you can clean the dust and fluff behind them.

Check Smoke Alarms

This should be done at least once a month really but you can take the time to clean the smoke alarm and remove any dust in it. This could effect the way it works for you. Change the batteries and test the alarm. If your smoke alarms are a few years old, replace them with new ones. Do the same thing with your carbon monoxide alarm. you can get more advice from and your local fire department can fit smoke alarms for you too.

Defrost The Freezer

I actually hate this job, so I leave it for once a year hahaha. It takes a couple of weeks to run your food down enough to defrost the freezer and then it takes FOREVER to defrost it. Sometimes I use the hair dryer to help with the defrosting, but it doesn't really speed the process up. Don't ever scrape the inside of the freezer because you will damage it. I hate finding all the food in the bottom of the freezer, by the time its defrosting, any loose food left in the freezer turns to mush. I detest this job, but it needs to be done. You can always buy a frost free freezer from, saves you doing the worst job in the world.

Do you have any time-saving tips for your spring cleaning routine? Please share them in the comments below.

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