Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Baby Annabell Baby Brother Review

I am an older mum, so I was 37 when I had Tilly. This means that her siblings are all a lot older than her. Although Tilly is only 7 years old, her brother and sisters are 25, 23 and nearly 22. So I never had any more children after Tilly was born. Tilly often asks why she can't have a baby brother and it only got worse last year after her friends mum had a new baby. We were asked if we would like to review a baby Annabell doll, Tilly of course chose the baby brother.

So Baby Annabell's Baby Brother was sent to us and a very excited little girl suddenly because of a big sister. the doll comes with a set including a bottle, dummy, bib, necklace and a nappy. It takes 3 batteries to make baby brother work and suddenly he comes to life. Baby brother (who is called Zach, after Tilly's older brother) is interactive and acts just like a real baby and he is just too cute to play with.

Baby brother has functions of drinking, you add the water to the bottle yourself and baby brother drinks it, the doll even moves its mouth and cheeks as he sucks at the bottle. The baby then goes into a milk coma, just like a real baby. Once the baby has finished drinking, you need to burp him other wise he gets wind and starts to cry.

The crying function will only work if you have been giving the baby some water, because you need the water inside the baby to make it work. If the baby cries and doesn't stop straight away, then he will cry real tears. This was so cute and it is amazing that a doll actually has this function. The cry is realistic and it does need to be nurtured to stop the crying. Giving baby brother the dummy will help him to stop crying too.

The Peeing function will also only work again if there is water in the baby, you get a nappy in the pack which will catch the pee. if sitting with the doll and he doesn't have a nappy on, then you will get wet. You can buy some replacement nappies from Smyths, that are £3.99 for 5 but you can also buy premature baby nappies from somewhere like boots for £4 for 24.

The sleeping function will happen when baby brother is tired, his eyes will close and he will yawn to indicate that he is tired. I am sure we even heard baby brother snore on one or two occasions too. Sometimes baby brother cries when he is tired too.

Having baby brother gives Tilly something to be responsible for, I know he is a toy but in her little world of imagination, he really is her baby brother. The doll is robust and Tilly can often be found stuffing him in my bag or carrying him around by him arm. Hopefully this isn't going to be a sign of her parenting skills .......

The only problem that we found was that the velcro never stays closed at the back of the doll, so the battery compartment is usually visible and because the velcro doesn't close on the battery department, it makes it hard for the baby grow to close. I feel a stronger velcro would be beneficial rather than the little strip that is in place. Other that that we have no problems with baby brother at all. He is a much loved member of our family and I actually took him to work with me one day so my colleagues could see how he worked. It was as if I had taken my own baby to work! The doll obviously gets dirty like all kids toys and this doll isn't machine washable because of the battery compartment, so you just need to wipe it over with a baby wipe, like we do. The clothes come off the baby and go in the washing machine, but this does ruin the logo on the baby grow if you dry it in the tumble dryer. So we suggest you wash it on a lower temperature and hang it to dry.

Baby Annabell's Baby Brother is £49.99 and available from places like Argos or Smyths toy shop. The doll is excellent value and we really do recommend baby brother to our readers, Tilly chose a brother but you can also get Baby Annabell Baby Sister.

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