Thursday, 15 June 2017

Booking A Holiday To Basel

Tilly's school has organised for their inset days to make a long weekend in a couple of weeks. So she finishes school on Thursday and she won't go back until the Tuesday morning. Although at the time, I thought it was a nuisance as I work on Fridays, and inset days are usually on a Monday when I have a day off.  But then I saw the benefit of the long weekend, because the weather is beautiful at the moment, and we are going to use it as a trip away somewhere. Last year we had a huge summer holiday and took an Interrail trip around Europe, but there is no money for that this year. So I kind of thought it would be a fab idea to take a small holiday in this long weekend and save loads of money instead of going on holiday in the summer holidays.

I looked at flights to different destinations but after a week of looking, the prices started to rise and rise. So I asked for the Friday off work, and when I finished work I looked online. Due to the hung parliament Ryan Air had slashed their holiday prices, so I got two return flights to Basel for £60 - This is such a bargain. However, the hotel was not so cheap but accommodation is expensive in Switzerland and we got a hotel room for £180 including local taxes for 3 nights. But still, £240 for a holiday is a pretty good price.

Basel is on the border of France and Germany, so it is a good base to go off exploring and hopping over the border to another country. Tilly has been desperate to get back to Germany since last summer and she wants Bratwurst so we can be in Germany within half an hour. Switzerland is beautiful in the summer and depending on what part you go to, we can still see snow on the mountains. It was a bit surreal last summer when we went to Interlaken and it was boiling hot weather, yet we were going up to the mountains with snow.

So we are looking forward to our little break, I can't afford a summer holiday this year and this is such a fab way to beat the expensive price hikes in the holiday period. Well done to Tilly's school for organising time off like this to help many parents on a budget.

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